Hilversum-born and Amsterdam-based, Luuk van Dijk is one name creating waves on today’s Tech House scene. A sure-fire occurrence of promising portent, this young and exciting phenomenon is certainly causing quite the stir over in the Netherlands.

Furnished with a spectacular sound of throwback values whilst maintaining a contemporary sense at the same time, the Dutchman has gained widespread support from the likes of Marco Carola, Darius Syrossian, Joris Voorn and more.

Aged just 20-years-old, Luuk has performed at the likes of De Marktkantine and Studio 80 as well as festivals like DGTL Festival and regular appearances at Straf_Werk. In Addition to this, he hosts his own night in his home town called Puur.

We recently caught up with Hilversum-born DJ and Producer Luuk van Dijk and discussed how Amsterdam has helped influence his creative process when producing, his own club concept called Puur. and his upcoming booking at the 20th anniversary of Awakenings Festival.

First of all Luuk, your productions and DJ sets are complete with sounds that take you back to the olden days whilst remaining contemporary at the same time. Who were your earliest career influences and how have they helped define your unique sound?

Haha thanks, that’s exactly the sound I want to produce and play! When I was 16-years-old, I went to a festival in Hilversum with all kinds of music, I got lost and ended up, on my own, at a Tech House/Techno stage where Bart Skils and 2000andone were playing. It was the first time I heard this kind of music on a huge sound system and I fell in love with it right away.

The day after the festival, I started to make Tech-House/Techno music. Because Techno music has a lot of sub-genres, I had a lot to discover. I noticed artists like Hot Since 82, Masters At Work, Hector Couto, Jamie Jones, Shadow Child, Huxley, Egbert, Dusky and I started to specify my sound. When I was introduced to the Roland TR-909 and the TR-808, I got dragged into the underground music.

(A picture from that festival in Hilversum when I fell in love with techno music, 2000andone was playing at this moment the photo was taken.)

Based in Amsterdam, your current city possesses an atmosphere and vibe unlike any other city in the world, it really is quite unique. How does this influence your creative process when producing music?

I lived in Hilversum almost my whole life but two years ago, I realised I wanted something very different and I was ready for the nightlife. So when I decided to move, I found a new home two weeks later in the centre of Amsterdam.

It was the best decision I’ve ever made! It was an eye opener for me that you could visit three or four clubs on one night by bicycle. My studio is a 5-minute ride with the tram from my house, I come here a lot. Alone or with friends, I even went to the studio last week after the club haha, I just get a lot of inspiration from clubbing and where can you find better clubs in Holland than in Amsterdam!

The Dutch electronic music scene appears to be extremely healthy at the moment with the likes of yourself, Joris Voorn and Bart Skils all enjoying success here. Are there any names you’d recommend to us from the Netherlands that we should keep an eye on?

There are a lot of DJ’s in Holland that are without a doubt, excellent. One of the most rising talents from Amsterdam is Reinier Zonneveld, with his refreshing melodic techno live sets and residencies at Awakenings and Loveland. He’s definitely an artist to look out for! Tahko is another guy to look out for, a known well techno DJ from the Amsterdam underground scene, pure fire! To top it off, if you’re into the Drumcode sound, you will definitely love VNTM Live, a great artist and a great friend. Watch out for these guys!

Contributing to keeping the Dutch electronic music scene healthy, you host your very own club night called Puur.. For someone who has never experienced a night out at Puur., what can one expect?

Puur. is a club night that I started two years ago with two very close friends. What just started as a fun thing turned out to be one of my most interesting projects I’ve done. It started in my hometown of Hilversum, there was no Tech-House/Techno scene in Hilversum so that’s when we decided to launch Puur.. The message was clear, a good night out with good music by Luuk van Dijk & friends. I invited friends and local talent to play next to me. The first nights were so good. I knew everyone on the dancefloor, old and new friends, always the same people.

But at more recent editions, we noticed new people and an even better vibe! Not only people from Hilversum were visiting Puur. but also people from Amsterdam and Utrecht. We even noticed a fan from Newcastle that wanted to book a flight for his girlfriend and himself to Hilversum to party at Puur. That was so crazy to see!

You are of course a resident DJ at the sensational Straf_Werk. What aspect of this residency do you enjoy the most and why?

Straf_Werk did a lot for my career, I’ve met the biggest DJ’s, got to play at beautiful venues and got to perform for huge crowds. There isn’t one thing that I don’t like, I think it’s just the overall vibe, I can really get along with the Straf_Werk crew, it’s a great place to catch up with foreign DJs again like Hot Since 82, Eats Everything, Huxley, Shadow Child and others. The festivals start at 13:00 and it’s straight “partytime” till the end.

What has been your favourite crowd to play in front of through all your years of travelling and why?

It’s not self-promotion haha but the best time playing was at one of my Puur. parties! That night was a year ago and the vibe was intense, all my friends were there and my dad dropped by, next to my DJ setup I had a drum-computer and a synthesiser. I get all my musical interests from my parents because my dad is a music teacher for over 27 years and my mum is a professional opera singer. And my dad kills the piano, so while I was playing, I said to my dad “Hey, why don’t you jam with me on the piano?” so that’s what happened haha. People loved it!

One crowd that will certainly have you excited later this summer is that of the Awakenings crowd. You have just been announced to play this festival in late June, what are you most looking forward to about this performance and why?

Last year, I went for the first time to Awakenings Festival. I was overwhelmed by the size of it and the amount of people coming together for techno music. Although I was alone, it was such a cool experience. I can remember I spoke to my agent after the festival and said: “Playing Awakenings Festival 2017 is my goal” so let’s make it happen. He said, a while ago, my agent called me in the morning and he said to me: “I got a new booking request, you know what your goal was for this year’s festival season?” So I said (without a voice, because I just woke up): “No, your kidding, you mean Awakenings?” He said: “Yes man”, my morning mood was gone instantly. So yeah, I’m super excited for the gig! I’m sharing the stage with Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati, Monika Kruse and one of my heroes, Secret Cinema.

Switching gears now, in terms of production, what do you have lined up in the pipeline over the next couple of months? Is there anything you can exclusively reveal to us?

I’ve spent a lot of time in the studio lately and it’s going pretty well! My last release was my 2nd EP on Shadow Child’s Food Music “New York E.P.”. I also received the honour to do an official remix for his ‘Connected’ album for the track “Do You” which will be released on Food Music as well. It’s so cool because I got so much inspiration from him when I started making House. I remember he was playing in Utrecht at a 44Bass party of DJ Wouter S. I was Shadow’s biggest fan but I was too young to attend the party so I couldn’t get in. But hey, it’s okay, I ended up being one of the producers releasing on his label now.

Producer beast Hector Couto asked me again to do an EP on his label Roush, this is going to be my 3rd EP on the imprint now, blessed to be on board on this magnificent label! To top it off, I got a remix incoming for Konflicted Soul on (if you ask me, one of the best upcoming labels) Suah Records.

Finally, if you could describe your Next Evolution mix for us in three words, what would they be and why?

Groovy, sexy, Ibiza 😉

Puur X Supermarkt takes place on Saturday 18th March at De Vorstin. You can purchase your tickets here.

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