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The Next Evolution: Interview with Tobias

Originally starting life out behind the decks under the alias of OBS, Bradford-born DJ/Producer Tobias is a name whose stock is certainly on the rise.

Having established himself as one of the main residents for PRISM at MiNT Warehouse in Leeds, the 24-year-old House and Techno artist has supported several big names including the likes of Joris Voorn, Andrea Oliva and Solardo. Tobias is recognised for his stripped-back beats with grooving basslines, tight drum work and old school samplers.

More recently, the PRISM favourite has been locked inside the studio working hard on his latest EP titled ‘Beat On’. This particular release features remixes from both Solardo and Arun Verone.

We recently caught up with PRISM resident, Tobias, and discussed his former alias called OBS, his PRISM residency at MiNT Club in Leeds and his forthcoming EP release titled ‘Beat On’ featuring remixes from Solardo and Arun Verone.

First things first Tobias, you were born and raised your hometown of Bradford. In terms of nightlife, what does Bradford have to offer to the electronic music scene currently? Are there any nights you’d recommend us to check out?

Currently, the nightlife in Bradford doesn’t have much to offer on the electronic music front. Although six or seven years ago, there was one or two events that actually got me into what I do today, so I’m grateful for those events. But it’s pretty much dead and buried now for nightlife. Leeds is the place to be and with it being so close, there is no way that promoters’ and clubs can compete.

How did you first get involved with electronic music? Who were your earliest career influences and what appealed to you the most about their sounds?

I first got involved with the music scene by going to a local night in Bradford called Shrug at The Love Apple from a very young age. They booked well-known local DJs from the Leeds /Bradford area and it was my first taste of the real underground clubbing scene. I WAS HOOKED from the very start and I knew that it was a career I wanted to pursue!

For a very long time, the local Leeds/Bradford DJs were my biggest influences… I would be there monthly without fail to watch these guys perform. I believe in supporting local talent as that’s how people gain a name for themselves. Everyone has to start somewhere of course.

I was and still am a sucker for a big bassline and these guys sets were filled with chunky basslines, nice snappy drums and catchy vocals, they opened my eyes and ears every time I saw them play and I could have only dreamt of getting behind the decks in a club at that point!

For the opening four years of your career, you were performing under the alias of OBS. What were your original visions for the OBS identity and how do you think you developed musically over those four years of your career?

My visions were the same as they are today, just on a smaller scale… to have fun, enjoy what you’re doing and push your self musically to your limits. Those four years made me who I am today and gave me the confidence I have today to go and play in different clubs all over the UK.

I feel my music has developed massively. Back then, I was just aiming to please my local area of Bradford/Leeds. Now, I feel I am aiming to please people all over the world with my music.

What was your biggest achievement under the guise of OBS and why?

One of my biggest achievements under OBS was locking down a residency with a event called Licked which hosted nights in both Bradford and Leeds. There, I performed warm-up sets before the likes of Pete Tong, Wolfgang Gartner, Micky Slim and many more!

Of course, you recently made the switch to the artist name of Tobias because you wanted to take your music in a brand new direction. Can you please define your music style for those unaware of Tobias? What are the biggest differences between the crafts of both Tobias and OBS?

I would describe my music as stripped back with grooving basslines, tight drum work and plenty of old school samples. I’d say the Tobias tracks are a lot more musical and fit for a wider range of people. I feel more educated as a Producer/DJ now and I can’t wait to share with you all more of my productions.

Over in Leeds, you have your very own residency for PRISM at MiNT Warehouse along with Jimmy Switch. What do you enjoy most about playing your residency for PRISM at MiNT and why? What is your favourite aspect of performing here?

I absolutely love playing at MiNT for PRISM. I feel at home when I play there. The team are very supportive of what I do and help me show the scene what I have to offer. The crowd are always up for it and I get to explore with my music. I can test out my latest productions comfortably as the people of Leeds always have a good ear for good music but are willing to embrace new material!

Last month, PRISM presented their Halloween special with the likes of Joris Voorn, Andrea Oliva and Solardo all playing. What was your favourite set and outfit from the night and why?

All of the DJs played wicked sets but Joris Voorn stole the show for me. He sent me into another dimension with some of the tracks he played from old Ibiza classics which I’d never thought I’d hear in a club again to some heavy hitting techno tracks! It was an unreal set!

Switching gears now, your forthcoming EP titled ‘Beat On’ will soon be released on Strictly Deep. Can you tell us a little more about the story behind this concept and what you were trying to achieve with it?

It was just another day in the studio for me, playing around with a bassline around this catchy vocal ‘Beat On The Drum.’ Having found a bassline to sit nice on, everything else just kind of fell into place in the space of a day. I then sent it off to my manager who sent it on the Kaily and he snatched it up straight away!

It was originally going to be released on a VA compilation but after Kaily played it a couple of times and it got a huge reaction, he decided it was big enough to warrant its own EP. The next step was to build a second track to fit nicely on the EP and I feel ‘Paradise Garage’ does that perfectly! Do check it out when you get a second!

We then went on the search for remixers… I couldn’t believe my luck when both Solardo and Arun Verone kindly agreed to be part of the release. They have both smashed it on remix duties and can’t wait for you all to hear it.

Your EP, ‘Beat On’, also features remixes from Solardo and Arun Verone as well as another original mix from you called ‘Paradise Garage’. Which is your favourite track from the entire EP and why?

It has to be the original for me, just because of how much support it has had and how good the reaction is every time I play it in a club!

Finally, in terms of musical talent, who do you think is a rising star of ‘The Next Evolution’ and why? How do you think their career and sound has evolved and what do you think the next year has in store for them?

It has to be my boys, Del-30. They’ve got some serious tracks in the locker waiting to unleash on you all and I think next year will be a big year for these guys! WATCH OUT FOR DEL-30!

Tobias joins The Next Evolution podcast series this week with over an hour of stripped-back House and Techno grooves. Have a listen!

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