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Next Evolution: Kintar – A mystical journey inspired by Balearic love

Ibiza-based DJ and producer, Kintar, tells us what his mystic and ethnic sound is all about.

For many DJs and producers, Ibiza is the ultimate melting pot of all things dance music and the thought of being able to play there is something many can only dream of. Not Kintar though, instead, he made this his reality.

Hailing from Argentina, Kintar was determined to stamp his authoritative print on a global scale, and where better to do so than the party capital of the world? A week’s vacation on the island soon turned into a three month stay before he made it his permanent home five years ago.

Finely furnished with an distinctive, mystic output comprised of ethnic voices and darker sounds, the Sudam Recordings boss has since graced the stage of Ibiza’s biggest clubs including Privilege and Eden as well as performing in the likes of Lebanon, Aruba, South Africa, Canada and Russia.

Most recently though, Kintar’s emotional touch has adorned the multi-sensorial venue of HEART with his residency, Elements. Fusing together ancient and contemporary sounds, this unique, free-spirited concept provided the perfect platform for the Argentinian’s deep, magical productions.

We recently caught up with Kintar and discussed the inspiration behind his alias name, his move to Ibiza and Elements at Heart.

First of all, tell us more about your alias Kintar and what inspired such a name…

My alias came from a night drawing/creating a name for my project back in 2004. I was writing words and combined “King Star” and added a circle on the “G” and “S”, took them out and Kintar appeared. It was strong. Sounded powerful and was ethnic enough for this project.

For those unaware, can you please describe your sound to us?

Since 2001, I started producing electronic music fused with ethnic voices and dark sounds. I also wanted to make emotional music for the masses. So my sound is a mix between tribal grooves, progressive structures and ethnic sounds, also has that “soundtracks” approach in the breakdowns.

Who were your earliest influences and how have they impacted upon shaping your distinct mystic and ethnic sound?

Well, the first tape that I took from my father was ‘Spiral’ by the Greek master, Vangelis. I was 4-years-old. At the same time, I was listening A-ha, and my idol, Michael Jackson. A few years later Enigma, Deep Forest and Dead Can Dance were shaping my taste.

You were originally born in Argentina. What were your local influences to electronic music here and how have they inspired you?

Well, at the beginning I was inspired by DJ Dero and all the DJs from the 90s in my country. Remember, Dero’s CDs were a recap of the best tunes in Ibiza. Before the digital era, it was a way to get influences and new music from abroad.

Also, a DJ called Gerardo Barsella gave my uncle a few tapes that he recorded, it was 91/92 and I was so impressed by the sounds, you couldn’t get that on the TV or Radio…

You are a DJ and producer based over in Ibiza. When did you first visit the island and what made you want to make a permanent switch here?

I came to Ibiza to see a friend that was living the dream of living in this beautiful island. I came for a week with my girlfriend, then we stayed 3 months. I automatically fell in love with the island and its vibe. In 2014, we decided to make the permanent move and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

Ibiza is a place which holds a lot of history for you, especially in terms of your career. You have played several super clubs here including Privilege and Eden. What has been your favourite venue to play at and why?

Ibiza is perfect for DJs and producers, that history is feeding us in a way you can’t get at 10,000 km of distance.

I have played in most of the clubs on the island but until now, HEART is my favourite venue. Not only because I feel at home with everybody working there, but also for its crowd, its energy, the vibe inside like no other place. This summer, I had my residency every Monday with Elements. Another great summer and of course, there are a few that I didn’t and will try soon.

This year saw you hold down a residency for Elements at HEART. Tell us more about this night and what it’s all about…

Elements at Heart was my home this summer. It was one of the best events in town, with an amazing line up, live performers and a vibe that you only could find on this event. It held the true Ibiza essence.

How do you feel this concept has evolved since you’ve been a resident for them?

As I also have an event producer background, I tried to share with them all my knowledge and helped as music curator with the lineups. Elements is a truly family which I’m proud of and expect even more coming up next summer.

Talk us through some of your biggest highlights at Elements this summer…

The opening party was massive, I opened with a ceremony at midnight with two singers (Romana and Paz Shanti) and a percussionist (Wontanara) and five minutes into starting, the dance floor was full and I was completely connected with them. Those kind of feelings can’t be created twice. Also one of the nights with Lehar, was a masterclass musically speaking.

Let’s focus on your production now, your latest summer release came in the form of ‘Monaberry’ alongside BOg. What was the production process behind this EP and what inspired you during it?

Yes, we have a few releases with BOg, it was a friendly collaboration. We just released also on Suara, and coming up in October another one on Watergate. It’s Adana Twins Watergate 25th compilation with a bunch of new and exclusive tracks for it.

With regards to the production process, we contributed with different ideas, we discussed about arrangements and then I mixed the tunes. BOg has an amazing taste for music production and his ideas are always on point.

In terms of creativity, Ibiza is considered one of the best places to find it, especially as a producer. Where are your favourite places to go on the island to get headspace and feel inspired?

Yes of course, this is pure bliss. I’m living a dream life here, so everyday is an inspiration for me. Ibiza is like a different world for DJs and music producers. It is like starting from 0 when you just come to the island. Nobody knows you, so it will affect your ego automatically. Es Vedra from the Des Savinar tower viewpoint is for sure the best inspirational spot on island for me.

Finally, what can listeners expect from your Next Evolution mix this week?

A lot of unreleased music and my signature Kintar sounds. Thanks guys for the chat and I hope to see you around!

Kintar next performs at Heart for ESTO ES TULUM on Monday 1st October.


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