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Looking for a place to shower down this summer? Finding the heat waves of the Balearic sun slightly uncomfortable? Then look no further than the return of Fiesta Del Agua Ibiza 2017 to Es Paradis Ibiza!

Picture this, you roll up onto the dance floor with sweat pouring from your forehead and you have nothing more on your mind than wanting to cool down. Fresh air is at the forefront of your priorities but when water explodes from every single direction imaginable on the dance floor, your prayers have been answered and there is simply no experience like it! Thank the Lord (that Lord being Es Paradis Ibiza).

Having been wetting appetites since 1975, Fiesta Del Agua Ibiza 2017, more commonly referred to as The Water Party, is one of Ibiza’s longest running parties and is a popular choice amongst tourists as well as the locals.

Acting as the perfect accommodation for the water to rise to prominence, the dance floor goes down several steps to provide room for the water to fill up thus ultimately adding to the fun embodying everything Ibiza is about!

Whether it’s splashing your friends with water or simply going for a late night swim, Es Paradis Ibiza is the perfect venue to make this happen as it will be hosting Fiesta Del Agua Ibiza 2017 every Friday night and this all commences from Friday 19th May!

Now whilst water may be the main attraction, some people just come purely for the show and may want to remain dry. Now don’t worry, there are specific areas where you can avoid ending up walking home looking like you’ve just gone for a paddle in the sea! For those wanting to stay dry, entertainment is on hand with acrobats, aerialists and themed dancers keeping your eyes busy with their sensational moves.

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Labelled by many as the most beautiful club in the world, Fiesta Del Agua Ibiza 2017 at Es Paradis Ibiza is one party you definitely won’t want to miss! So pack your goggles and armbands ready because this summer is guaranteed to get wet!

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