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Present within us all, being a rebel is not about fighting, resistance or refusing allegiance. Being a rebel is about being an individual and that spirit comes alive at Rebels Cave Ibiza 2017.

Founded by two young and ambitious guys who transformed their dream into a reality when they started promoting their own underground parties in Ibiza, Capadi Rebels was born much to their delight.

Restricted by no boundaries aiming to disrupt the equilibrium, Rebels Cave Ibiza 2017 is a concept that dares people to be completely different. Whether than means becoming purely individual or an absolute outcast to society, Rebels Cave Ibiza 2017 encourages you to refuse to follow the crowd and become your own entity.

Having successfully supported Warriors on Sunday nights in recent years, Rebels Cave Ibiza 2017 has landed their very own residency at Sankeys Ibiza on taking place every Friday night. They will begin their own residency on Friday 23rd June and will keep Sankeys Ibiza’s dance floors moving and grooving all the way up until 22nd September.

With a firm focus on the quality of their music and their roster of residents showcasing the ‘Rebels sound’, Rebels Cave Ibiza 2017 will leave audiences mind-blown and inspired with their spectacular production.

Be daring, be different, be a Rebel.

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