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Pete Tong delivers emotional speech about Avicii’s death at IMS Ibiza

The 11th edition of IMS Ibiza was opened this week with an emotional speech from Pete Tong about the death of the late, great Avicii.

The BBC Radio 1 legend’s keynote speech delivered a poignant discussion on the significance of raise awareness and looking after the mental health of artists within the music industry.

He raised the question: “How could Tim, one of the most talented and successful artists of his generation go from making music in his bedroom in 2008 to taking his own life in a hotel room in 2018.”

Pete then highlighted the highs and lows of touring DJ life: “The first few years are pretty straightforward.
You travel around the world at an insane pace. You collect all the money, You lap up the adulation and drink the free champaign and everything else that goes with it.

He then added: “After a couple of years the anxiety builds as the schedule and demands get more and more intense. The entourage grows and there are now vast numbers of people and companies relying on your business. The bar is constantly being raised.”

Returning to Avicii, Pete said: “In Tim’s case his body did start to breakdown and after multiple medical interventions his health deteriorated to such a point that he announced his retirement in 2016.”

Following on from Pete’s speech was a panel titled Our Duty of Care where Christine Brown of Help Musicians UK mentioned: “People in music are three times more likely to suffer from mental illness. This really pushed us into action.”

With a big spotlight being placed upon mental health, more and more DJs are beginning to open up about their own personal mental health issues and why it is so important to stop ignoring the risks dance music can pose to it.


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