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Preparing for a night out in Ibiza: 10 essentials you will thank us for later

When it comes to partying in Ibiza, a night out doesn’t always go according to plan, especially if you’re unprepared.

In retrospect, a good night out should be defined by the club, the music and the atmosphere. However, that is easier said than achieved and life at the rave always comes with its highs and lows… especially if you’re on a heavy one (let’s be real, the morning after is never pretty).

So we’ve curated an Ibiza rave essentials list for you to double check prior to every time you leave before you end up losing your head. Thank us when you’ve come back down to earth…

[postfeature title=’Bottled water’ align=’left’ image=’’]

A night on the dance floor without water is simply unimaginable… in other words, fuck that. Nobody wants to be that guy with a mouth as dry as chewing cat litter and rinsing it down with sawdust sauce. And more importantly, you don’t want to be the guy having the scrounge off other heads on the dance floor for their last sip… yes, we know how expensive bottle water is in an Ibiza super club so here’s a tip – come with plenty of dough. Either that or try your luck by sneaking some in…[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Friendly bouncer etiquette’ align=’left’ image=’’]

This brings up nicely into our second tip – always respect the bouncers. They are some of the most physical, regiment and sometimes ruthless specimens to roam the White Isle but if you don’t give them a reason to be on your case, you will most likely have a peaceful night ahead of you. Arrive too drunk, start getting lippy or even throw fisticuffs and you’ll be out the door and on your arse faster than you can say OLAH! Oh yeah… and you’ve got no chance of sneaking that water in pal.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Chewing gum’ align=’left’ image=’’]

Another one of our biggest Ibiza rave frustrations is when you’re on the dance floor, and you have no chewing gum. That feeling when your jaw is wobbling from left to right, or even worse, when you wake up in the morning and your mouth is ulcers galore, and you have no gum is the biggest regret you’ll make all night. Plus, there’s no more guilty feeling than taking someone else’s last mint… remember to stock up before your next boogie.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Sunglasses’ align=’left’ image=’’]

Ever seen a group photo of revellers at a rave and most of them is wearing sunglasses but there is no sun? Well… they are the smart ones. However, there is always that one guy with eyeballs bulging out his sockets like The Mask when he gets aroused. Basically, don’t be that guy… it’s not a picture you’ll be showing the grandkids in 40 years from now.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Mobile phone’ align=’left’ image=’’]

Whilst somewhat frowned up in the world of dance music, the use of mobile phones is something that is very common at a rave, especially in Ibiza. Whilst our focus should solely be about enjoying the music, it’s not everyday you get to experience the wealth of excitement at one of the world’s premier super clubs. Therefore, a couple of videos to capture such memorable moments becomes a necessity when reflecting upon the good times on the White Isle. In other words, don’t forget to bring your mobile phone – they come in great use too when you lose all your friends on the dance floor.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Shazam’ align=’left’ image=’’]

Shazam… the ultimate God send when you hear that one tune you never want to forget when on a night out. It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in either… you could have your hands full with the next round of beers, but the name of the track comes first so you’ll happily drop them to reach for your phone. You could be following your pals outside for a well-deserved rest, but that inevitable classic finally drops and you storm back inside one your one with no care in the world where your crew is, as long as you got the name of that tune… that’s all that counts (note to self: Shazam doesn’t always work, especially when it comes to unreleased material).[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’A pre-planned route to the toilet’ align=’left’ image=’’]

It’s best to chalk this one out as soon as you arrive, let’s be honest, it gets almost impossible to comfortably move around a super club after a certain time. It’s like being squashed like sardines when trying to board the London Underground during rush hour… but 10 times worse. Therefore, a pre-planned route to the toilet is essential if you want to make the most of your night out. We suggest sticking to the outskirts… also if you’re going as a group, form a human-train, otherwise it quickly results in a long, lonely night and a taxi for one. [/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Designated dance floor meet point’ align=’left’ image=’’]

As we have already mentioned, getting lost in an Ibiza super club is quite the recurring theme. Whether you’re sober or off your barnet, the odds of parting ways with your dance floor squad is pretty much a dead cert. How do we solve this? Simple… find yourselves a designated dance floor meeting point and whenever you stray from your crew… head back to where you have been dancing all night and sure enough, you will find your friends. Now you just need to decide where to mingle… hardcore dancers at the front, those a bit more spaced out than the rest of us towards the back and of course… DJ whores in the booth.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Guest list’ align=’left’ image=’’]

Whilst we here at Team My Ibiza are firm believers in buying a ticket and supporting the event, it goes without saying entry fees to your average super-club aren’t exactly the cheapest. Therefore, getting your name on the guest list goes a long, long way to having a good night out. For starters, you end up spending half the money you would splash out if you purchased a ticket. So how do you obtain guest-list I hear you say? You need to be in the know… if you’re well connected on the island, 9 times out of 10, someone you know will know someone who can arrange that for you. The island is also understanding towards workers to a degree too. Knowing how expensive it is to live here during the summer months, events offer worker’s guest list to some of their events offering either free or cheaper entry before a certain time.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Your head’ align=’left’ image=’’]

Last but not least, we come to our most important Ibiza party essential of all, and before you ask… no it’s not drugs – it’s your head. Rule number one when heading out to an Ibiza super club, never leave your head at the party… it’s going to be a long time before you find it again… and we’re not talking hours either, we’re talking days. If you’re here all season, you might not see it until October. And when you lose your head, you tend to lose the rest of your shit too. All in the name of good fun though… just don’t forget to go home.[/postfeature]


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