When it comes to Monday afternoons in Ibiza, nobody quite does them like Circoloco and its penultimate edition of the summer proved to be the perfect illustration why.

No frills, no fuss, no nonsense, Circoloco defines DC10 Ibiza in its purist most underground form. Renowned as one of the most sought after clubbing experiences on the international underground circuit today, it comes as no surprise as to why this Monday night extravaganza has established itself as the flagship show at DC10 Ibiza.

Filled to the brim with House and Techno heavyweights and connoisseurs every week, Circoloco’s legendary reputation is as equally as strong on the industry side of things as it is amongst those on the dance floor. Such illustrious commodities as Luciano, Loco Dice and The Martinez Brothers all owe a lot of their success to their involvement at DC10 Ibiza every Monday.

Notorious for being the underground safe haven of the party capital, DC10 Ibiza has achieved its elevated position through its no-holds barred approach and unrivalled buckets of hedonism. Performing very little to no publicity to its celebrations, DC10 Ibiza owes much of its longevity and success to its devotion to the island’s most prominent element – the music.

As hundreds of dance music enthusiasts queued up outside, many from different and diverse backgrounds, a sense of surrealism soon settled in. Having not tasted the beauties of Circoloco since the closing last year, our entry to the Garden was greeted by the traditional view of a plane gliding over our heads offering a polite reminder of what we’d be missing out on all season.

Jam-packed from the front to the very back, we battled our way through what seemed like a never-ending maze of party-goers to get up close and personal with Circoloco favourite, Seth Troxler.

Closing operations in the Garden, Seth was simply exquisite behind the controls. Baller by definition, the Kalamazoo-born spectacular came equipped with a magnetic channelling power.

Working in some of the finest and most intuitive dance cuts around, Seth continued to reel in reveller after reveller, especially with a unique remix of Rosie Gaines’ ‘Closer Than Close’. A surprise yet stand-out selection was his inclusion of The Streets’ ‘Has It Come To This?’ – a record that generated both shock and admiration in the Garden.

Meanwhile, in the Main Room, the flood of Ibiza fanatics that squeezed their way inside were greeted by timeless sounds of the legendary Sasha. Fresh off the back of his exclusive summer residency at Privilege Ibiza with John Digweed, the LNOE chief wasted little time dictating dance floor sensibilities. Intricate in selection, Sasha’s skilful exploration of beatless soundscapes, including his newest collaboration with Dems called ‘True’, ignited a truly spine-chilling yet trance-inducing atmosphere.

REVIEW: Circoloco – Week 20
REVIEW: Circoloco – Week 20
REVIEW: Circoloco – Week 20
REVIEW: Circoloco – Week 20

Elsewhere in the Terrace, the undisputed First Lady of Circoloco, Tania Vulcano, was on hand taking us through the early hours of Tuesday morning. An integral cog in the Circoloco wheel over the years, Tania displayed exactly why with 90 minutes of bouncy and lively Tech House as she blared out her and Jose De Divina’s Remix of ‘Destroy’ by Bimas and AudioHell. Delivering an immersive encore of percussive vinyl grooves, Tania had the Terrace jumping throughout.

With the Terrace becoming increasingly busy due to the arrival of The Martinez Brothers and Jesse Rose, we returned back into the more intimate Main Room for a back-to-back taste of dedicated Dutchman, Tom Trago, and chameleonic talent, Midland.

Blending together elements of Detroit Techno with insatiable House rhythms, the pairing of Trago and Midland created an output together that came across unassuming, subtle and completely refined. Delivering a kaleidoscopic taste with a mixing technique very aligned to a smoother European style, Trago and Midland advanced through the gears with such inclusions as Tom Trago’s latest release, the very glassy and icy ‘Rain Room’, as well as Roman Flugel’s ‘Warm and Dewey’.

Maintaining our dance floor spots in the Main Room, we decided to stay with Music On regular, Paco Osuna, until doors shut. Identified as one of the most renowned Spanish artists in the industry, Paco expressed himself through his creativity, courage and relentlessness.

Continuing to coat the purest of Techno sounds with unique characteristic features of his own, Paco’s innovative mannerisms added further depth, darkness and imagination to his closing performance in the Main Room. Always intelligent and sophisticated when in charge of the decks, Paco sent the dance nation into a portal of ecstasy with his work in of Keiner’s ‘Bang Break’.

With so many genius minds under one roof and several more committed heads in attendance, Circoloco will always supply one of the most superlative clubbing experiences around.

Photo Credit By: Circoloco