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REVIEW: Cocoon Closing Party 2017 – Club Tipic, Formentera

Cocoon closings are some of the most savouring experiences in dance music, period. However, this one in Formentera with Papa Sven was extra special…

Considered by many to be a paradise away from paradise, Formentera is the tranquil little sibling of the Balearic capital, Ibiza. Coming complete with crystal-clear waters, white sands and absolute seclusion, this heavenly realm proved to be near enough the opposite of what the White Isle had to offer.

Arriving early in the day, an all-day adventure in Formentera is not one that you want to let go to waste. Determined to maximise our 24 hour stay on the island, we all chipped in for the cheapest hire car on offer and explored as much as we could.

From bare-footing it across the most beautiful beach in Europe, Ses Illetes, and swimming in azure blue seas with marine life to snorkelling and discovering secret caves and enjoying simple dining fineries, our day-trip around this individualist gem proved to be both surreal and educating on all accounts.

Next on our checklist of things to do was the main event of our entire Formentera trip… a drive into the vibrant tourist hotspot of Es Pujols for a slice of the Cocoon Closing Party cake at the multi-level intimate hangout of Tipic Club.

Offering something entirely different to the clubbing fanatics of the party capital, Tipic possesses quite the rich history with the very first event it ever hosted dating all the way back to 1971. This particular night saw the small venue play hosts to a little-known band called Pink Floyd.

Holding up to a maximum capacity of 500 hungry dance music enthusiasts at a time, Tipic has developed a strong reputation for stylishly fusing together the old with the new. With the arrival of the Cocoon Closing coming around so fast, we couldn’t think of a better occasion to taste its intimate treasures for the first time ever.

Arriving nice and early to make the most of the night ahead, we walked in through the venue’s lush double doors into a sparsely filled dance floor for the warm-up act, Maurizio Schmitz.

Despite the venue not being jam-packed initially, you still couldn’t help but feel incredibly close to everyone and everything present at Tipic. The DJ booth was slap, bang in the middle and immediately in front of you as soon as you hit the dance floor, thus saving you a 10 minute trek through the crowd to reach your desired dancing destination. The sound-system was in perfect rip-roaring condition and if you were VIP, you could take in the magical atmosphere further with a trip upstairs overlooking the DJ booth and dance floor as one.

Continuing to reel in revellers with his slick, magnetising Techno rhythms during the opening half of the night, Maurizio Schmitz was on song throughout. Formerly a resident of Labor Club in Munich, this half-Italian selector began the evening’s operations with more ambient and deeper House tracks before progressing into more minimal Techno and peak-timers later on.

Setting the mood exquisitely from the offset, Maurizio was effortless throughout his performance. Providing countless intriguing thoughts for the stuttering toes of the dance floor, the German-based DJ and Producer was once again just too cool for school.

Having had time to sit down, re-energise and reflect upon the night thus far, we once again immersed ourselves within the unrivalled levels of intimacy oozing out of Tipic. Rammed from wall-to-wall, we manoeuvred our way to the very front to get up close and personal with Cocoon mastermind, Sven Vath.

Dancing with barely any room to throw a fist-pump, we embraced this risk-taking visionary and industry instigator with open-arms. Utterly professional and unpredictable, Sven was closing Cocoon over at Tipic for the second year in succession, despite 2016’s set being an accidental occurrence turned brilliant outcome.

Plucking away at his heavy bags of Techno vinyl goodness, Papa Sven underlined exactly why he is one of the most charismatic personalities of his or any other generation in underground music.

Described by his fans as quite the innovator, Sven progressively worked his way through the musical gears by working in the likes of ‘Not Also You’ by Henrik Schwarz and Slam’s ‘Clap Your Hands’. Our personal highlight came when he further heightened the atmosphere within Tipic with Rod’s ‘Hor’.

On a night which offered something truly unique and unifying, Cocoon’s second home in Formentera is definitely a box you need to tick at least once.

Photo Credit By: Chantal Borre


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