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REVIEW: Pukka Up Opening Boat Party 2015

I woke up Friday morning still feeling the after-effects of a hardcore, none-stop raving night at Sankeys from the night before with Duke Dumont and the Blase Boys Club on top form. Dazed and in need of some serious hangover cure food, I clocked into work to receive the unexpected and delightful news that I was in for another busy, wild day on the White Isle – up first, the Pukka Up Opening Boat Party. This would be followed by a trip to Ibiza Rocks and then a night at Sankeys for SHELTER.

Having finished all the duties required for my Friday shift, I raced back home to the apartment, remembered that I forgot to nip into the local supermarket to get the pre-drink, raced back down the stairs, got the cheapest bottle of vodka I could find, powered it back up to my apartment and downed my pre-drinks whilst mixing in a shower at the same time, who said lads couldn’t multi-task?

With little time to spare, we then jogged down to Itaca where the pre-party was taking place and checked in. Taking complete advantage of the cheap bar, the drinks began to flow and we started to mingle with the crowd meeting various revellers from around the world including Germany, Thailand and Australia – Pukka Up’s Opening Boat Party truly was an international affair.

With the boat party commencing at 6pm, we took the opportunity to take in the sun, take as many beach selfies as possible and prepare for what was set to be the biggest opening party on water thus far.

Realising the time and knowing the boats were about to board, we raced down to the San Antonio harbour where there was a selection of boats to choose from. On one boat, the interactive, energetic Lloyd Scoulding was gracing the decks, on another there was Scouse sensation Chris Wright keeping the crowds entertained for the next three hours and on the boat we opted to experience our first boat party of 2015 was Australian phenomenon Beth Yen.

As we boarded the middle boat, we collected our free drink token and made our way to the top deck. Sitting down, we looked around the boat and realised how lucky we were to have a set of seats, the boat was jam-packed and the queue to the bar downstairs had already began forming so without little thought prompting us to our next destination, we joined the queue and waited to get served.

Ten minutes or so into the party, the Pukka Up Opening Boat Party had officially begun now we were away from the shore. Beth Yen cranked the noise up a notch and the revellers sitting down got to their feet and began to dance – I could tell immediately that this was one boat party I wouldn’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Sitting downstairs on the tables available, we admired the view of the crystal blue ocean and took various Titanic-like posing pictures on the edge of the boat reminiscing one of my favourite films of all-time (I can’t believe I’ve just admitted to that).

Making our way back upstairs, I dropped my sunglasses and got my groove on – Beth Yen was in the zone and so was everyone on the upper-deck. In what proved to be quite a difficult task, I eventually made my way to the front of the boat in order to get as many of the best videos of Beth Yen doing her thing as possible, ultra talented behind the decks, the house and techno market have found an incredible talent which will do that genre of music the world of good for years to come.

Proving that her time in Sydney was a very important learning curve for her DJ’ing career, her captivating talent shone through whatever clouds, if any, that were in the sky as bright and as mesmerising as the famous Cafe Mambo sunset. Beth Yen dropped such popular hits as Philip George’s “Wish You Were Mine” and “Rude” by Magic! These were met with screaming ruptures from the crowd who displayed their absolute appreciation for Beth Yen’s set.

Beth Yen then displayed her appreciation of the crowd being so supportive by standing up on the stage and fist-pumping their air symbolising the start of a very promising season ahead for not only herself and Pukka Up, but for Ibiza as a whole too.

As we drew closer to the shore on the return back from around the Balearic waters surrounding the White Isle, we got the opportunity to get the perfect social media profile picture by standing in front of the sunset on the Pukka Up boat, the view was simply breathtaking and left everyone, including myself, speechless.

With the harbour nearing all the time, the crowd went off as the final tune was dropped by Beth Yen. When the music was turned off, the sound of the DJ set was replaced with chants that screamed “Don’t you know Pukka Up, you’ve got to Pukka Up!”

I couldn’t help but join in as it prepared my mindset perfectly for W.A.R! at Ibiza Rocks later that night – hats off to the entire Pukka Up team!


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