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San Antonio or Playa D’en Bossa?

Sometimes in life we are faced with some of the toughest choices we have to make…

McDonalds or Burger King? PlayStation or XBox? Tequila or sambuca? (That’s if you’re brave enough to do the final one!)

Okay… So maybe not that tough after all but one question that has always been fresh on the lips of every single Ibiza Virgin is where is the best place to stay on the White Isle? San Antonio or Playa D’En Bossa?

You see this question asked all too often when tourists are looking to book a getaway to the party capital. Now whilst these two destinations aren’t the only places to stay in Ibiza (you can’t forget about Ibiza Town, figueretas and many more) but due to the nightlife, beaches and attractions situated in the areas, San Antonio and Playa D’En Bossa are always extremely popular amongst younger holidaymakers and are at their top of the list as far as accommodation is concerned.

So exactly where is the best place to stay? San Antonio or Playa D’En Bossa?

Well this comes completely down to you and what you want to gain from your experience during your time in Ibiza! You may be on your very first holiday with your friends and will be looking to have the time of your life, you may be going for the music to watch your favourite DJ’s work their magic behind the decks or you may simply be heading over to Ibiza to top up your milk bottle tan. Either way, both San An and Bossa offer a wide variety to satisfy everyone’s needs.

San Antonio

Are you an Ibiza Virgin? Is this your first holiday away with your mates? If so, San Antonio could be right up your street!

Whilst San An remains quite relaxed throughout the winter period, in the summer it comes to life! Radicalised by mostly British holidaymakers, San An becomes the town that never sleeps as soon as May hits our calendars.


Quite famous for it’s erratic nightlife, the West End is very much the centrepiece of San Antonio’s madness as soon as night falls. With a strip of bars stretching from Ground Zero all the way up to Viva Bar, you are hardly stuck for choice when it comes to where you want to take your journey on your night out.

Your options don’t conclude there either. If you wish to start early then I suggest you get yourself down to the Sunset Strip! With crowds tending to gather on the rocks around 7pm, the Sunset Strip is the ultimate place to pre-drink, especially with international DJ’s playing their trade to warm the crowd up before the bigger residencies later on in the night. Not only will you get to enjoy some of the finest cocktails in the whole of the White Isle, but you’ll get to watch one of the most incredible sunsets your eyes will ever witness!

San Antonio is also the boat-party capital of Ibiza, with plenty of boat parties heading out to the med with the tunes pumping. Boat Parties like Pukka Up include entry into clubs for after-parties and can save you a fortune. If the sea isn’t your thing, then you can relax on your very own VIP bed at the beautiful Ocean Beach Ibiza for the best pool parties in Ibiza.


San Antonio is also home to a couple of super-clubs. Whilst many are situated in a Bossa, you get to experience the wonders of the water parties and paint parties hosted by a favourite amongst the locals, Es Paradis. This is located right next to Eden (Formerly Gatecrasher) which throws some of the most insane parties San Antonio has available. Then just a short ten minute walk away, you can enjoy your favourite live acts perform at the open-air venue of Ibiza Rocks.

Playa D’En Bossa

Looking to experience Ibiza to it’s maximum potential? Want to find out exactly why Ibiza is the king of the clubbing world? Then I strongly suggest you book a hotel located in Playa D’En Bossa.

Home to the majority of the super-clubs, all you have to do is walk outside and there are four or five of Ibiza’s biggest super-clubs right on your doorstep! With this being the case, Bossa is considered to be on a bigger international scale than San Antonio simply because people from around the world want to experience the best nightlife the planet has on show.


However, it’s not just the clubs that reel in the tourists to Bossa. Despite being a smaller resort than others in the Balearic Islands, Bossa possesses the biggest beach in the whole of Ibiza. Whether you come to relax and grab a tan or style and profile in beach bars like Sands and the famous Bora Bora! This is literally the ultimate place to be on a Sunday if you are partying hard in Ibiza! Dancing from midday until midnight, you can then continue your night at one of the super-clubs afterwards.

In fact, there are several super-clubs located in this resort to satisfy all music needs. Just minutes down the road from Bora Bora Beach, you have the highly prestigious Ushuaia which can be seen miles away due to the incredible sight of the Ushuaia Tower. Adjacent to Ushuaia is the world renowned Space nightclub which has been a massive attraction in Bossa ever since it opened it’s doors in 1989. Then within walking distance, you have Sankeys and Hard Rock Hotel, not to forget a strip of bars however not as many as the West End.


If you aren’t happy with your night in one resort, you can always jump in a quick cab and jet off to the other. San Antonio offers crazy, wild nightlife for those who are looking to go all out with no limits whatsoever whereas Playa D’En Bossa provides you with a more chilled out vibe and is literally all about the music and the beats. Whilst these two are the most popular resorts on the island, they certainly aren’t the only ones. With a lot more to discover in Ibiza, I can almost guarantee that after you’ve visited once, you will definitely be back again at some point for some more of the White Isle.


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