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The Ibiza Virgins Guide

Ibiza can be a confusing place for first-time visitors. With a huge array of clubs, parties and more – it can all get a bit much! We cut the crap and put together a guide to give you all the information you need to enjoy your Ibiza Holiday.

When to visit Ibiza

Ibiza is a beautiful place to visit all year round, with a mild winter but blazing hot summer. The majority of the action takes place during May – October.

The hotels, bars and restaurants in the tourist centres typically open in late March – April. With the big clubs opening in May and by the end of June, the entire island is open and busy. July and August are the busiest months, with all of the biggest parties and hottest weathers. September the closing parties begin and by the second week of October, the big club closing parties begin. By the end of October all of the tourist centres have quietened down and many venues close for the winter.

Good times to go:

Where to stay?

There are plenty of resorts in Ibiza, all offering something special. The main party resorts are Playa D’en Bossa and San Antonio, with the main city of Eivissa a good alternative. But where should you stay?

Playa D’en Bossa
With a huge sandy beach with plenty of water sports, and the hottest beach clubs in Ibiza on the shore front – Playa D’en Bossa is a great place to stay. The world-renowned Space Ibiza is here, with the trendy new Ushuaia and Ushuaia Towers recently becoming the biggest draw to Playa D’en Bossa. Sankeys offers an underground alternative and there’s plenty of trendy shops, restaurants and bars to get the party started. Ibiza’s only waterpark is also in Playa D’en Bossa. Playa D’en Bossa has a more international vibe and there’s plenty of money in the resort.

San Antonio
The original party town of Ibiza, which has recently had a bit of a facelift. The city has plenty to see and do, with loads of shops, restaurants and bars a short walk away. San Antonio is home to the sunset strip, consisting of the world-famous Cafe Del Mar, Cafe Mambo, Savannah’s, Kanya and plenty of smaller bars and cafe’s to enjoy the gorgeous sunset. Set sail on the Balearic sea with your choice of boat parties from the port (Pukka Up boat parties being the best). For the party animals amongst you – this is where the infamous West End is – with an array of bars for all tastes and budgets, a night out in the West End will be one to remember. The trendy Ocean Beach Ibiza has recently opened and is a great place to party. Es Paradis and the newly-renovated Eden Ibiza are the clubs of San Antonio, meaning that no matter what the time is, there’ll be a party happening somewhere.

Ibiza Town / Eivissa
The capital of Ibiza, Eivissa has plenty to see and do. With hundreds of shops, bars, cafe’s and restaurants, all nestled amongst the traditional Ibizan buildings. The port of Eivissa attracts some of the biggest and poshest yachts in the world and is a short stroll from the old town, with it’s quaint Spanish charm and local market stalls. Plenty of transport links to the rest of the island and further afield means Eivissa is well connected. Eivissa is home to the Pacha nightclub and newly opened Booom! Ibiza. Eivissa has some of the finest hotels and spa’s in Ibiza and can be a celebrity haunt.

How to get there:

Ibiza’s only airport has flights arriving and departing from all over Europe. There are mainly low-cost carriers arriving, meaning a flight can be very cheap. Check out our Flights to Ibiza page for more information.

You can also book a ferry from mainland Spain or the other Balearic islands with Balearia Ferries.

Ibiza by Night

Ibiza’s main draw for many are the clubs. All of them have unique features and benefits – and every night is something different. The main clubs in Ibiza open at midnight and stay open till 6/7. These are Ibiza’s main clubs:

Ibiza by Day

It’s not all about the night-time parties now. Ibiza hosts a huge selection of daytime parties as well. Beach clubs have day-long music, cocktails and dancing. Boat parties sail into the Balearic sunset with the tunes thumping. The party hotels kick it up a notch and start in the afternoon till midnight with the biggest acts in Ibiza.

What to wear at the clubs:

You’re on holiday – so dress to impress! That being said the dress policies of the Ibiza clubs are a lot more relaxed than in the UK. Bikinis for ladies and shorts and t-shirts for guys are ok, but the clubs do prefer to have their clients dressed up – so you may as well make an effort.

If you’re going to Pacha, or any VIP in Ibiza it’s recommended to dress nicely, and for men it’s advisable not to wear shorts.

Club Entry:

Club entry can be up to €80 for the biggest nights in Ibiza, but there are plenty of cheaper or free alternatives.

For some of the smaller nights there are often people giving out wristbands on the streets and beaches – this will give you free entry / discounted entry before a certain time, and can make for a free night at one of the worlds best clubs.

A boat party is a good way to save money on club tickets – they partner up with some of the biggest nights in Ibiza and entrance to the club is included with your ticket – which is often only a few more Euros than the standard ticket, with a 3 hour sunset boat party included.

A pre-party can also be a great way to get club entry, most of the bigger promoters hold parties around the island before their night at the club and many include the DJs that will be playing later that night. There’s plenty of drink deals and often deals on tickets and a free bus to the venue.

Buying your tickets online for the popular parties will save you time and money. Often these parties are the busiest and can sell out – or make purchasing tickets very hard. With an online ticket you’re guaranteed entry so you can spend the rest of your holiday relaxing – not haggling. There are also ticket touts who have either genuine tickets with a higher price tag – or fake tickets, don’t risk it.

VIP can be good if you’re celebrating a special occasion. Starting from just €150 per person, when you factor in the cost of entrance and a few vodka and limons (up to €20 per drink) it is often better value to go VIP.

Drink Prices

There’s such a huge difference between the prices of drinks in Ibiza. With the supermarkets selling a litre of (non-brand) vodka for €4 and the clubs charging up to €20 for a single vodka and mixer. To make the most of your money in Ibiza take note of these few tips:

Pre-drink with your own spirits – there’s no cheaper way and it can be great fun having a few drinks whilst getting ready with your friends. Euroski supermarkets are the cheapest for booze.

Go to the west-end or bars and get drink deals. Every PR are fighting for your business so make them work for it – there’s often buy one get one free deals, free shots and even offers where you receive a litre of vodka.

Drink plenty of water before you get to the clubs. Drinks are incredibly expensive (€8 for a bottle of water, €10 for a bottle of beer and €20 for a vodka and mixer are not uncommon). That being said – don’t try and sneak in drinks to the clubs, it will be found and confiscated – and you may be refused entry.


You have to be extremely naive to think that drugs didn’t exist in Ibiza. They do and they’re readily available. We, of course don’t condone it but please be sensible when it comes to drugs in Ibiza. If you do decide to indulge, make sure you do it in moderation and sensibly.

Getting Around

Hire Cars
There are plenty of hire car companies in Ibiza – we’ve put together a page to compare them all to get you the very best deal. Cars can be booked up months in advance so book early to avoid disappointment when you arrive in Ibiza. See our Ibiza Car Hire page for more information.

Taxi’s can be difficult to get in the peak of summer, there’s simply not enough of them for the demand. Certainly don’t expect your hotel to ring for one and it turn up – that’s for sure. If you go to the designated taxi ranks you will get one though – and can often share taxi’s to the clubs. There are plenty of taxi’s coming and going all night to the clubs so it’s easy to jump in one to head home.

  • Taxis Ibiza Airport 00 34 971 800 080
  • Taxis Ibiza 00 34 971 398 483
  • Taxis San Jose 00 34 971 800 080
  • Taxis Santa Eulalia 00 34 971 333 333
  • Taxis San Antonio 00 34 971 343 764

Illegal Taxis
Be careful of the numerous illegal taxis that operate in Ibiza. They will offer you a lift when you’re waiting in line at the rank and can seem a good idea. But they won’t be insured correctly and you have no idea who they are. It’s always advisable to get in an official taxi.

Ibiza Bus
Take a look at the official website for the Ibiza bus company at for the latest information and routes. As a basis a ticket costs around €2 each way per person. There are no direct daytime buses from San Antonio to Playa D’en Bossa. You will need to get the number 3 bus from the San Antonio station to the Ibiza Town station. You then need to get on the number 14 bus to Playa D’en Bossa.

The Disco Bus
The Disco Bus can be a godsend, but can also be hell. It runs all through the night and will drop you off at a club and pick you up for just €3 each way. They’re often extremely busy, extremely rowdy and what happens on a disco bus, stays on a disco bus. But they’re a great and cheap way of getting to the clubs. More information on the Disco Bus can be found here:

Don’t be tempted to walk from Amnesia / Privilege to San Antonio or Playa D’en Bossa. It won’t work.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Emergencies 112
  • Ambulance 061
  • Maritime Emergency 900 202 202
  • Toxicology 915 620 420
  • Police 902 102 112
  • Guardia Civil (Emergencies) 062


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