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The Stars of Tomorrow Interview with Double Pleasure

We recently caught up with Double Pleasure and discussed the name behind the act, the music scene Antwerp has to offer and their latest record, ‘Until The World Knows’.

First things first, why did you opt for the name Double Pleasure?

Sam: We originally played separately. Marijn was 11-years-old when he started playing and I started played at 15-years-old. We met at the same record shop and we were always buying the same tracks and same records. After a while, we started playing at the same parties and then we started playing back-to-back. People then started saying that when we played together, it was always double pleasure and it’s always super fun so we just took the name.

You guys originally met through music when you were playing at the same venue. Can you tell us a little more about this event and what your initial impressions were of each other?

Marijn: That’s a tough question because in the beginning when we met, it was always about the fun and we loved the records we were playing and just enjoying music. We listened to the same music though, different styles but it was still the same music. We didn’t like the commercial end to everything so we always liked something different. Behind the decks, I have a lot of energy; Sam has a lot of energy and has his own way of playing.

Who were your earliest influences behind the decks and why?

M: I think from the beginning for the both of us, Axwell was always a big inspiration throughout the years from the early days. It was around 2007 or 2008 when we learned his music and it was awesome.

You are currently proving to be one of Antwerp’s fastest rising acts. As a city though, what do you think Antwerp has to offer to the music scene?

S: Two of the biggest festivals take place in Antwerp in Belgium. They are Laundry Day Festival and Antwerp Summer Festival because they attract DJs like Afrojack, Nicky Romero, Hardwell… all of the big names are there. So it is very special to have such a big festival in a real city.

M: In the clubs, it is also fast-growing because they are bringing out a lot of House, Deep House, Minimal Tech House and Techno music to the city and it’s working very well so Antwerp has a lot of different styles of music.

You recently performed at La Suite 36 Kick-Off Event in Brussels. What was your biggest highlight from this event?

S: When we played the track called ‘Opus’ from Eric Prydz, it doesn’t matter when you play it, it always kicks up and it must have been one of our last tracks so the crowd thought the partying was done and then we hit play on the ‘Opus’ track and everyone went through the roof so it was nice.

Your latest record, ‘Until The World Knows’, will soon be released on Reepublic Records. Can you tell us a little more about this track and the production that went into it?

S: Actually, the vibe in the track, we really wanted it to impress people’s minds on the club scene. It is a club track. If you listen to the build ups and the drops, it surprises your brain so people are automatically going to react like: “This is cool; I have never heard this before.” It has a new vibe, it is a new groovy tune and I did the vocals myself.

Speaking of tracks, your first podcast of 2016 saw you receive support from Kate Ryan on your remix of her track ‘Wonderful Life’. What do you think of Kate as an artist?

M: We have been following her through the years and she brings a different style of music. So for us, it was a fun thing to do to release a pop song and we were honoured to do that. But over the years, I think Kate has done a lot of great stuff and her name in Belgium and all over the world is well-known. She is a really great artist and has a really great voice.

If you had the opportunity to collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be and why?

S: That’s a tough question because it would be nice to work with a lot of different artists, producers and DJs. These would include Axwell, Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano because they have had a lot of influence on what we do and our vision towards music. It would also be awesome to work with some singer-song writers.

M: Yes, like Coldplay – they are awesome.

Where do you see Double Pleasure in five years time from now?

S: I think we will be travelling the world like we are currently, bring good music and hopefully we will have collaborated with Coldplay.

Finally, in terms of talent behind the decks, who do you think is ‘The Star Of Tomorrow’ and why? 

S: That’s a good question. There are a lot of young guys doing great things at the moment, I like Will K, and he is making a lot of groovy stuff right now. Also, I think all of the people from Sosumi and Tom Staar and Kryder are doing a really great job right now.

M: There is Kenn Colt. There is also a new duo coming up in Holland called Volt & State. They had their first release with Nicky Romero, it was a little bit harder than what they used to do. They used to do more groovy stuff as well. Tom & Jame are also good right now – they are working their way up on Revealed Recordings. They have now had a couple of releases and are doing a great job; they have nice music and are still creating music in their own way. They don’t try to compete with what everyone else is doing, they still keep their own sound and I think they will go far.


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