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The Stars of Tomorrow: Interview with Unorthodox

We recently caught up with rising selector, Unorthodox, and discussed the intrigue behind his name selection, his favourite production work and his latest double A concept release titled “Low Fi Dreams / Hooked”.

First of all, Unorthodox is quite a unique and intriguing name. Why did you choose this name? Is there any special story behind it?

I guess in many ways I’m pretty unusual and had to face that within my music. I was told my approach to writing and DJing was unusual so I came up with this name to represent this, I love the name now.

Who were your earliest career influences and what appealed to you the most about their sound?

So many! The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Chicane, Todd Terry, Todd Edwards, MJ Cole – I could go on. I remember hearing Prodigy’s “Out Of Space” for the first time, the reggae vocals, the 808’s – it was a super quirky approach to writing rave music and that got me hooked. The Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack played a massive part too, the chords they used were on the next level.

More recently I guess, an artist who covers most of these influences is George Fitzgerald. His writing ability and synth collection has me in awe. Legends such as Sasha are continually making amazing music and I love Kolsch’s DJ sets and how diverse they are musically. Super Flu are just hands down great too.

How did you first get involved in the music industry?

It all started from my love of record collecting. I used to buy so many records; the natural progression from there was to start DJing, which I did in my teens. I DJd for a number of years all over London throughout early 2000’s before I really found my true love for producing. Through this, I got a break doing remixes for Sony BMG/Chrysalis and the rest is history.

What was the first ever gig you performed and what was your biggest highlight from it?

It was in a wine bar in Dalston in London I believe. I remember playing a revisit on Lennie De Ice “We Are Lee” and it was going off!

In the past, you have produced, written and mixed for several artists including Todd Terry, The Disciples, Secondcity and so on. Which has been your most favourite creation to date and why?

To be honest, it was probably one of my own. It was for a record called “How I Feel” and one of my biggest inspirations, Todd Terry, remixed it. It was pretty mind blowing and was a great feeling for me.

Switching gears now, your next release comes on Fly Boy Records and is a double A-side concept titled “Lo Fi Dreams / Hooked”. Can you tell us a little more about the production that went into this concept and the story behind it?

Music is a journey and at the time of writing these tracks, Secondcity was my studio neighbour. He’s a close friend of mine and I’ve been to quite a few shows with him and he was playing a lot of cool underground groovy cuts which really inspired me to get in the studio and write these. He’s played them out a few times and they’ve really popped which was nice to see!

The 2016 season in Ibiza is now in full swing. Do you have any plans to visit the White Isle this summer?

I’ve been twice this year so far. I did the Ibiza openings in May and as usual, had an amazing time at DC10, Space and Pacha. At the moment, I’m in the studio working on some new material but have booked a few closing parties and am super excited to be back there!

Finally, in terms of talent behind the decks, who do you think is ‘The Star Of Tomorrow’ and why?

Francisco Allendes. He is somebody I came across recently playing some pretty great music and his DJ set was vibes. Definitely watch out for him!

Here is Unorthodox’s upcoming EP release titled “Hooked”.


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