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Throwback Thursday: When Ku became Privilege – 1995

1995 – The year the legendary Ku became an extraordinary chapter in history and the most privileged platform in the world was born.

Having opened originally as Ku, a restaurant in the 1970s with a swimming pool and a main room the size of a 25 metre high aircraft hanger, this place provided the locals of Ibiza and those in the know around San Rafael with a sense of tranquillity and placidity.

It wasn’t until the late 70’s when possibly the biggest single occurrence in the entirety of Ku’s history changed the landscape of Ku forever. Former Real Sociedad footballer and Basque entrepreneur, Jose Antonio Santamaria, began expanded his Ku franchise from his club in San Sebastian. Such an expansion saw Ku open the heavens to the rich and famous. From free spirited and extemporaneous parties and a culture of unique fashion and hedonism, life in the 80s at Ku saw it become one of the most famous clubs on the planet.

Through the creative minds of Brasilio de Oliviera and Gorri, Ku hosted some of the most influential parties of the 80s. These included White Full Moon, the four seasons, The Temple of Love and more. Ku also saw its fair share of famous faces walk through its magical doors including the likes of Roman Polanski, Valentino and Moschino. In fact, Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe filmed the iconic video to “Barcelona” in May of 1987.

Ku entered the early 90s with a brand new permanent roof structure and a fast-growing revolution in terms of the electronic music scene. Whilst several changes spelled the end for Ku, many of those changes sparked a new beginning like no other.

With the emergence of foreign promoters and impressively huge fans now in place, the introductions of both Manumission and some early events from Cream saw the legendary Ku undergo a name change in 1995 and thus it was reborn as Privilege.

Whilst there was no open-air set-up, Privilege had never been as busy as Manumission was in the late 90s. With the addition of the famous sex show, the extravagant costumes and production and other emphatic aspects, the sun shined through the Main Room and Coco Loco windows brighter than ever before and the very spirit of the iconic Ku flooded the floors of Privilege like never before.


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