Once recognised as the most famous super-club in the world, Space Ibiza has confirmed its return to the party capital in collaboration with Game Over with two Space in the Park showcases the unique venue of Benimussa Park.

In what proved to be arguably one of the most memorable and emotional closings in history, Space Ibiza officially shut its iconic clubbing gates forever last October after reigning supreme at the pinnacle of dance music for 27 years.

Now celebrating what will be a highly anticipated 28th anniversary, Space Ibiza has confirmed two very special dates on both Wednesday 9th and 16th August.

Set to showcase a selection of the club’s most legendary artists, Space in the Park will undoubtedly reignite memories from years past through carefully chosen soundtracks that defined the venue and all of its success.

Taking place at Benimussa Park, Space Ibiza will team up with Game Over Ibiza putting their firm focus and attention on the music as they look to offer something that is the antithesis of what is quickly progressing into the modern day clubbing experience.

Promising to be two dates the dance music nation will never forget, Space in the Park will bring the island back to its roots with happy people dancing to the music all day long.

Space Ibiza owner, Pepe Rosello, commenting on Space in the Park.