Destino Ibizaddd

Destino Ibiza is a unique resort and one of the most respected new resorts in Ibiza

And there’s no surprise, as after all it is the latest venture from the Pacha group. The brand new resort offers 163 rooms with various options to accommodate all individual tastes, including luxury suites for the most selective VIP.

Perched on the cliffs of Cap Martinet in it’s own little corner of the island. Destino Ibiza offers beautiful panoramic views of the Mediterranean, Dalt Vila and Formentera. With the gorgeous setting and equally impressive decor of this resort, it’s literally one of the most in-demand places to visit or stay in Ibiza.

The huge swimming pool is surrounded by palm trees, sun beds and cabanas with a king-size Jacuzzi. With an open-air stage nearby it holds some very select and good quality parties during the summer. Usually including the big-name artists from Pacha’s own clubbing schedule, as well as more unique and up-and-coming artists.

So if you’ve ever wanted to experience the same charm as Pacha Ibiza during the day, in one of the nicest hotels in the island, then this truly is your chance! Get glammed up, pop on a pair of shades and get ready to dance the day away at Destino Ibiza!

Hard Rock Hotel Ibizaddd

When you think of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, you think of luxury, you think of opulence and you think of affluence but most importantly, you think of paradise!

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza made an immediate impact and was soon became one of the biggest attraction on the whole of the White Isle. LocatWhen ed next to another heavenly club in the form of Ushuaia, revellers get to experience the Hard Rock energy as it meets the chilled Ibiza style to create one very unique synergy.

Not only do you get to experience this, but Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza explodes with further delights to it’s magnificent complex including rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia, two fantastic pools, four restaurants, a beach club and of course it’s open air venue where events are held throughout the summer.

As far as accommodation is concerned, you won’t find many better than the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. With luxurious suites on offer, a cocktail station and a huge roof terrace with a jacuzzi to die for, this place is second to nobody!

With the majority of the Playa D’Em Bossa super-clubs within walking distance, where else would you plan on spending Ibiza recuperating get from those deadly hangovers other than the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza?

Blue Marlin Ibizaddd

Home to the rich, the famous and to anyone who just wants to splash out their last month’s wages to be honest – Blue Marlin is definitely one of Ibiza’s diamond jewels.

Renowned for it’s exotic surrounding and glamorous V.I.P reputation, this highly prestigious beach lounge club is one of the White Isle’s true, natural beauties. Blue Marlin can be found hidden away in the captivating and tremendous sights of Cala Jondal Bay towards the south west of Ibiza.

As it is located on the beautiful Cala Jondal Bay, many Blue Marlin enthusiasts will travel to the highly decorated venue by yacht or water taxi, heck some may even swim it’s that good.

Guaranteeing the very best in beach service, entertainment and relaxation, Blue Marlin as several joys for visitors to explore and enjoy. From the immaculate Mediterranean cuisine and sushi serviced in the kitchen to some of the most exquisite cocktails known to man available in it’s bar, Blue Marlin truly is one of a kind.

The fun in the beach club doesn’t stop there either, you can endure yourself in one of the most glimmering massages available on the island before chilling out in the crystal clear waters situated nearby.

Following the daytime pleasures, the nightlife then comes to the surface when the sun sets and goes down and resident DJ Valentin Huedo ensures the Blue Marlin satisfaction factor continues throughout proceedings with his sharp, broad and scintillating taste of the latest music on offer.

Of course if you wish to venture into the very best Blue Marlin has to offer, the beach club supplies a V.I.P service in a private V.I.P area exclusive for very special guests where some of the finest drinks and food are available throughout various events in the season.

Dalt Viladdd

Scaling back 2,500 years, Dalt Vila possesses the perfect balance of scenery, history and mystery – Ibiza’s ultimate hangover cure if you ever need a break from the 24/7 nightlife.

This is where the locals live their day-to-day lives. From the breakfast they eat in the morning and the shopping they do during the day-time to the parties they throw on the night, Dalt Vila is the home of the locals.

With a very Roman-like feel to it, explorers of Dalt Vila would enter the narrow, cobbled streets up a gradual steep slow leading to the infamous drawbridge crossing through the Portal de Ses Taules. After admiring the fascinating Roman structures surrounding it, you then arrive into a courtyard full of history and tradition.

On the other hand, if you are still feeling the heavy hangover from the previous night’s audacious antics, you can take the more gradual walk into Dalt Vila through Portal Nou, however you may wish to be in a more sober condition when walking this way as you will miss out on so much of the incredible scenery en route to the courtyard.

With Gothic Catalan buildings and captivating art galleries and gift shops present on the walk up to the cathedral, they are definitely worth checking out as they are full of culture and display what the local people are capable of with their distinct and unique works of art.

Not only that, but Dalt Vila is also home to some of the most exquisite hotels and restaurants the White Isle has to offer. With such breath-taking hotels as Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila and La Torre del Canonigo located nearby, why wouldn’t you want to stay in Dalt Vila?

If you’re looking for more to life in Ibiza than just the sun and music, then Dalt Vila is right up your cobbled street!

Ocean Beach Ibizaddd

Ocean Beach Ibiza, home of the original and best pool parties in Ibiza

Ocean Beach Ibiza opened in San Antonio in 2012, filling the gap for a more glamorous hotel/music venue. With an impressive 600m2 pool surrounded by the most luxurious sunbeds, cabanas and booths, it’s a venue that screams VIP.

At Ocean Beach Ibiza, although the main focus is the pool, you can also unwind in one of their many day beds whilst listening to the Balearic beats, laid down by local resident DJS, international and headline artists.

Aside from the main pool area, there is also the Sunset Roof Garden where you can enjoy the sunset and/or a meal, and The Pearl Lounge, an inside club that allows to you continue the party late into the night.

And to top it all off, the music at Ocean Beach Ibiza is often accompanied by entertainment in the form of acrobats and dancers.

Don’t do things by half this Ocean Beach Ibiza lot…

Benimussa Parkddd

Whilst there has always been an uncertainty over the identity of Benimussa Park, one thing is for sure – there is no other zoo or club as unique as the Gala night.

No matter how much revellers would like to dream that the myth of Benimussa Park being a zoo was once a reality, it actually never was a zoo. Instead, the abandoned premises was utilised for something far more entertaining than watching animals in cages, it was built to party like animals!

Previously used on a regular basis by Club 18-30s, Benimussa Park is now home to a very unique and distinguished event entitled The Zoo Project which allows partygoers to unleash their inner-beasts every single Wednesday and Thursday.

With a very similar appearance to that of a wildlife sanctuary with its outdoor feel and highly popular Seal Pit, what better way to accommodate the party atmosphere than having everyone painted up as zoo animals? Fancy dress and/or body paint is a given at events held at Benimussa Park or prior to the event ensuring that one of the most unique dress codes to a party on the planet today simply adds to the experience.

With the Zoo Project continuing to blossom each and every year, this event at Benimussa Park has always been a box many tourists have wanted to tick during their time in Ibiza. The event has grown so big that it even hosts it’s own festival back in the UK every year. With people prowling around San Antonio covered sometimes head to toe in body paint, it leaves the average passer by wondering on in curiosity to just exactly what is going down at the “abandoned zoo”.

With the music code being strictly house and electro, Benimussa Park is just a taxi ride or free bus journey away between San Antonio and one of the most bizarre, unique and sensational parties you’ll ever experience in your life.

Ushuaïa Ibizaddd

Glamour, prestige and luxury – the three words that summarise Ibiza can also describe that of Ushuaïa Ibiza, arguably the very pinnacle when it comes to exorbitance.

As soon as you step foot into this heavenly venue, you immediately feel like you are on cloud nine. Whether you are wearing your very best shirt and jeans or just simply sporting a vest that reads “Ibiza 2018” on it, you get to experience a slight taste of watch the rich and famous get to experience when they spend their holidays at Ushuaïa Ibiza.

Whilst Ushuaïa Ibiza possesses the ultimate Pioneer Suite which is the perfect soundproof party suite fresh with a jacuzzi, it isn’t the only luxury on offer. One of the biggest attractions at this spectacular club is it’s music venue. With the stage set very similar to what you would get at some of the finest festivals back in the UK – it allows the very best in the industry from Hardwell and David Guetta to Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso to go work their magic on the decks and you get all these big names on a weekly basis! What more could you want?

It’s not just the music that sets Ushuaïa Ibiza and the other venues apart, the production going into an event plays an essential role in making this Playa d’En Bossa gem very unique. From the sexy dancers to the sensational pyro displays, Ushuaïa is literally second to none in Ibiza. A prime example of this was the excellent display put on by the flyboarders during Avicii’s residency last year – definitely worth the admission fee alone. Ants is another famous event held at the open-top club and with ants on stilts roaming around the crowd, it is one sight you would have to see to realise exactly how diverse Ushuaïa can be.

Speaking of open-top, this is one of the more prestigious attributes about the venue. With the club possessing no roof, it allows the crowds to dance and enjoy their favourite international DJ’s and music whilst looking on at some of the most extraordinary sunsets in the whole of the Balearic Islands. Breathing in the beautiful fresh air, revellers can raise their arms in amazement as they get to play witness to any planes that soar over the venue make the view one worth a thousand words.

Undoubtedly so Ushuaïa may be expensive and costly, but the experience alone is worth every single Euro.

Ibiza Rocksddd

Ibiza Rocks – it says it in the name. However, this venue not only rocks, it overwhelms, it blows minds and all in all is simply sensational!

Ibiza Rocks! Many Ibiza virgins say this after their very first experience in Ibiza but after experiencing such a venue, how could they not?!

Throwing some of the biggest events with some of best life acts the globe has on offer, Ibiza Rocks always delivers every single week. The brand itself started up in 2005 holding festivals all summer long with live music being it’s most popular attraction.

It became so popular that the decision was made to create the Ibiza Rocks Hotel – it’s very own venue where tourists could stay and enjoy the music from their very balconies whilst getting ready for their big nights out. You can even pay extra to get the VIP feel experience.

Located on the site of the former Hotel Club Paraiso, the Ibiza Rocks Hotel plays host to all Ibiza Rocks events. As you walk through the pink and yellow doors you enter a massive open air courtyard which is surrounded by a various bars, countless balconies, a large pool and of course the famous stage where all the live acts perform.

Ibiza Rocks hosts it’s big events every Wednesday and Friday seeing such names as Hannah Wants, Gorgon City, Example and Katy B all strut their stuff on the famous Ibiza Rocks stage.

The fun doesn’t stop there either. The day-time can be just as exciting as the nightlife with pool surrounded by revellers relaxing to some chilled out music put on show by the Ibiza Rocks resident DJ’s.

Drink prices are fairly reasonable at Ibiza Rocks however instead of paying for your drinks in cash, you must purchase coupons in order buy your drinks which is somewhat similar to how the Flinstones paid for theirs back in the day!

You will also want to check out the Ibiza Rocks shop on the way out of the venue and make a purchase that will make your Ibiza memories last forever.

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