Why you need to go VIP in Ibiza this summerddd

V.I.P… Very Important Person – we couldn’t think of a better way to roll when it comes to partying in Ibiza.

Whilst the very pulse of Ibiza beats relentlessly on the heart of all of its dance floors and no sensation quite compares to a chilling ice-cannon exploding onto the dance floor as the beat drops, some of us prefer to experience Ibiza’s nightlife with a little less sweat and a little more luxury.

Steering clear of an ocean of fist pumps and clambering bodies, few venues do a complete VIP experience like Pacha Ibiza. Globally renowned as Ibiza’s original and most glamorous club, Pacha Ibiza illustrates the perfect example of why you should taste the VIP lifestyle on the White Isle.

Here are five reasons why you need to go VIP in Ibiza this summer.

Queue Jump

There’s nothing more strenuous on the nipples (when it’s cold anyway) that joining the back of that long winding queue with no knowledge of how long you’ll be there for. No matter whether you’re there for five minutes or five hours, both will still feel like a lifetime.

It’s even worse when you’re running late; you could miss your favourite act and even end up paying more if you miss certain cut-off times. By choosing VIP at Pacha Ibiza, not only do you get to walk straight in, you can leave as late as you want and still be in ahead of everyone else! The perfect arrival if you ask us.

Receive your own table for the night

When partying in Ibiza, there’s nothing more frustrating than sharing the same spot on the dance floor as 10 other people. Toes will get stepped on and evil stares will be dished out on tap. Space is everything when it comes to clubbing in Ibiza.

When you opt to go VIP style at Pacha Ibiza, not only do you get your own space, you get your own table for the night too. You get to stand up, sit down, put your feet up and drink as much champers as you want – heck, why don’t you even starfish the table? Okay maybe not…

Your own selection of alcohol

Have you ever been stood at the bar staring into your empty beer glass waiting for what seems a lifetime just for a refill? Well multiply that by 10 and that’s what you can expect in the peak of the summer in Ibiza!

Alternatively, you could choose the smarter option and enjoy the privileges of the VIP life by getting access to your own bar. Less queues, less stress and best of all, it comes included with the price of the table! Win, win, win.

The best views of the acts

When you head to Pacha Ibiza for a night out, you always dream of getting the picture perfect video for your Instagram page to ignite the jealousy of your friends at home. Whether you’re behind the decks or looming high above the dance floor, nothing strikes better memories than the ultimate Ibiza video.

When choosing VIP, you expect to get what you pay for and nothing less – this includes the best views in the club. From being situated just behind the decks to being given a prime time table with aerial views second-to-none, the best visuals are always supplied from the VIP seats.

Option to explore the dance floor

Whilst the VIP may provide a nice touch to your clubbing experience in Ibiza, many of us like the best of both worlds and therefore, want to get right in the thick of the dance floor action.

Standing and watching sometimes doesn’t satisfy our swinging hips and stomping feet, so by having the ability to leave your VIP table and fuel your adrenaline on the dance floor along with other passionate party-goers is another extra added bonus of the VIP treatment at Pacha Ibiza.

Hï Ibizaddd

The latest addition to White Isle nightlife courtesy of Ushuaïa Entertainment, Hï Ibiza.

It only feels like yesterday when we were stood inside the Discoteca, hands aloft with tears in our eyes as Carl Cox finished up 27 years of clubbing greatness at Space Ibiza.

However, last summer saw the introduction of Ushuaïa Entertainment’s latest Ibiza clubbing instalment, Hï Ibiza. Described as what will be an evolutionary nightclub experience of the highest order, this visionary venue has been devoted to uniting all portals of the electronic music realm through quality music and incredible energy.

Designed with the clubber at the forefront of their focus, this state of the art structure unites world class music experiences by showcasing the most exciting names in dance music throughout the duration of the summer.

This was proven during the club’s successful debut season on the island in 2017 as they played hosts to such leading names as Black Coffee, Eric Prydz, Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren and Glitterbox.

Inviting all hedonists, clubbers, dreamers and party animals from all four corners of the globe, Hï Ibiza will officially open its gates this season in cohesion with Black Coffee’s opening party on Saturday 26th May.

Hï Ibiza – the start of a beautiful friendship that can lead to a bigger world of discovery.

Swag Ibizaddd

What has Ibiza been missing for oh so long? What has been a niche gap waiting to be filling in the party capital market all this time? What has been one genre of music just waiting for that opportunity to take the White Isle by storm when presented with one? Urban music of course! And it just so happens that Swag Ibiza is the solution to all of those questions.

Replacing a nightspot called Mama which was adjoined to Hotel Garbi, Swag Ibiza has now become the go-to destination for those in search of something different and those in search of opening Ibiza’s ear to the sound of urban music.

With hip-hop beats, grooves, raps and rhymes at their disposal and international live acts flying in to deliver special live performances (these include Nina Sky and DMX), the potential for Swag Ibiza to grow even further as a club even though it has not long been open just speaks volumes already.

Swag Ibiza is currently in a promising position as is the urban music scene and this will continue to happen whilst the action continues to remain on fire on the dance floor every week. Sooner or later, Swag Ibiza won’t be able to provide anyone with any room to move, let alone dance, as it will be that jam-packed as the weeks progress!

With an objective of trying to get urban music noticed more and back on the map in Ibiza, Swag Ibiza will lead by example in spreading the word about urban music and what they offer which is completely different to that of any other super-club – now you have no excuses but to come and check out just exactly why everyone keeps talking about Swag Ibiza.

Veto Social Club Ibizaddd

Veto – a word largely defined as vetoing or going against something. This could be a decision made by a law-making body or even a proposal suggested by one.

However in terms of Ibiza, there is one venue in particular that doesn’t agree with a lot of the local music and party culture and therefore decided to take it into their own hands to create their very own, this was Veto Social Club Ibiza.

Whilst “veto” in terms of politics may not always represent the view of the public, the term “veto” in Veto Social Club Ibiza is certainly intended to. With objections to enjoying captivating and exciting music beyond genre-limitations in a delightful and inspiring atmosphere, Veto Social Club Ibiza is very different to what the local scene on the White Isle has to offer. In search of real experiences and methods of expression in the purist of mannerisms, Veto Social Club Ibiza also offers music enthusiasts a view to life outside of mainstream music where sonic and visual environments are free to be explored.

When exploring the premises, Veto Social Club Ibiza always acts as the perfect host presenting its guests to get the opportunity to enjoy a mind-blowing cocktail lounge, an exquisite bar, a sensational terrace and of course, an intense and intimate club atmosphere like no other allowing you to get lost in whatever world you wish so desire – basically, life’s always good when inside this hidden gem.

Different to anything else the White Isle has to offer, Veto Social Club Ibiza is run by a group of artists coming from a strong Rock background who possess a passion of caring for a musical landscape with diversity. It is also an opportunity for those on the same wavelength to enjoy a platform in which they can’t experience anywhere else in Ibiza.

With the only requirements needed being positivity, respect and a smile, the doors of Veto Social Club Ibiza are open to anyone looking to taste something new in this party capital paradise.

Heart Ibizaddd

ATTENTION ALL HEDONISTS! We present to you the ultimate main course of creativity, deluxe cuisine, live performance art, a slice of electronic music perfection and the very best live bands the White Isle has to offer. Oh, and it all gets served up on one monumental plate under the roof of Heart Ibiza.

Master Chefs in the kitchen and masterminds behind this masterpiece, Spain’s most prized kitchen possessions, brothers Ferran and Albert Adria as well as global entertainment juggernaut, Cirque de Soleil, constructed together a gift that simply keeps on giving. From the joys of the open-air terrace to the beauty of the succulent street food seductions, it definitely is a delight to see such a scintillating supper room combine together with extraordinary art and performance.

In addition to this, Heart Ibiza has also seen its fair share of celebrated names walk through its doors and grace its unique stage. These range from Duran Duran and George Clinton to Sven Vath and Guy Gerber. At Heart Ibiza, you must simply expect the unexpected, that’s for certain.

Artistic creations from such international galleries like Ventana Contemporary Ibiza and Art Project Ibiza can be admired at Heart Ibiza. The works of the likes of Miguel Chevalier and Takashi Murakami can leave you speechless staring on in amazement. Cirque de Soleil’s involvement also completes the unique qualities of Heart Ibiza with its own body painters, muses, urban dancers, contemporary choreographers and more.

This year will see it’s doors open on Friday 26th May.

With such values as fun, leisure and free-spirit being shared in volumes. Heart Ibiza screams everything that is positive and worth experiencing about the White Isle. Step foot in here and you will walk out a changed person for life.

Tipic Club Formentera Ibizaddd

Have you ever stood on the sun-kissed sands of the White Isle staring out in admiration at the Balearic waves in hope of seeing the beautiful island recognised as Formentera wondering what nightlife next door to the party capital is actually like? If so, we strongly suggest that you experience Tipic Club Formentera.

It’s very rare that life outside of paradise in Ibiza comes in more heavenly doses however when it does, it is simply breath-taking and the aforementioned all applies to that of the party capital’s wonderful neighbour, Formentera.

Located just four miles south of Ibiza with a population just short of the capacity of the White Isle’s largest super-club, Formentera knows how to throw a party too and where else better to strut your stuff than at Tipic Club Formentera?

Possessing a capacity of around 500 people on the Eastern side of the island in Es Pujols, Tipic Club Formentera has a rich history having first played host to an event in 1971 featuring Pink Floyd. Cocoon saw the potential in Tipic Club Formentera and over the past five years, Cocoon has provided revellers with something unique and different compared to what Ibiza has to offer.

As the tourism increases in Formentera, so does the demand to experience Tipic Club Formentera – we advise that you do it at the earliest opportunity you get this summer.

Cova Santa Ibizaddd

A cave in the mountains of San José, it was first discovered in the 15th century and was used by pirates. Cova Santa Ibiza then went on a journey of different roles, including as a refuge, tourist attraction, burlesque venue and wine cellar…

Set in its beautiful surrounding, high up in the mountains, Cova Santa Ibiza is one of the most beautiful places you can visit on the island. To add to this, an indoor club and an outdoor terrace, you can see why Amnesia felt the need to make it their own, and so they did. The superclub bought Cova Santa Ibiza in 2001.

In 2012 Cova Santa Ibiza held the first after party for Marco Carola’s Music On, which was a huge success. In 2013 two further after parties were held, with almost 3000 revellers attending, much to the despair of the police, council and residents.

Underground Ibizaddd

Underground Ibiza, it says it in the name and if you are looking for anything other than underground vibes, then you my friend have come to the wrong place.

Whilst Underground Ibiza may not exactly be a super-club and hold the capacity of people that some of the island’s largest clubs do, this particular venue is unique and special and is simply a privilege to be apart of once inside.

Beginning life as a villa, there hasn’t been many changes to Underground Ibiza as the years have progressed. Underground Ibiza is exclusive, it is intimate and you are apart of something not many people know about, therefore it is also very secretive.

With a large outside terrace providing room to chill out, taking in the music and chat to others in attendance, Underground Ibiza is almost exclusive to workers and residents of Ibiza. Another big difference between Underground Ibiza and the big super-clubs of Ibiza is with Underground, you receive cheap or free entry along with an inclusive drink!

Underground Ibiza is a chilled-out, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere and because of this, this is truly a wonderful Ibiza hangout spot. You may even catch the odd big-named DJ inside just to add to the uniqueness of the atmosphere.

Underground Ibiza is completely different to any other club on the island and is definitely worth checking out – it just goes to show how diverse the nightlife in Ibiza actually is thus further cementing it’s status as the number one clubbing destination on the entire planet.

Space Ibizaddd

Space Ibiza is the most awarded nightclub in history, an iconic structure in the world of dance music.

First opening its doors in 1989, Space Ibiza was one of Ibiza’s oldest, most famous venues which made a revolutionary impact upon the clubbing scene as a whole. Officially closing its doors in 2016, this highly acclaimed institution remained open for a phenomenal 27 years.

Owned by legendary Ibicenco, Pepe Rosello, Space Ibiza became renowned for its unadulterated daytime partying. Located over in Playa d’en Bossa, the club played hosts to some of electronic music’s most influential figures including Carl Cox, Luciano, Richie Hawtin and Tale Of Us.

During the years it was open, Space Ibiza was split across five impressive individual rooms including an incredible Main Room, the exemplary Space Terrace as well as three partly outdoor sections including the Sunset Terrace, Premier Etage and El Salon. It’s exceptional opening and closing parties also saw the venue extend proceedings out into the Car Park providing an extra stage for prolonged daytime dancing.

As previously mentioned, Space Ibiza eventually closed its doors once and for all back in October 2016 with what was quite arguably one of the island’s most memorable closing parties of all time. A mammoth 20 hour journey featuring everyone from Carl Cox, Maceo Plex and Solomon to Steve Lawler, Tale Of Us and Erick Morillo as well as every dance music classic in between, the most authoritative Ibiza club bowed out in appropriate fashion.

Since the venue’s closure, Space Ibiza has been replaced by the island’s latest clubbing institution which has ushered in a brand new chapter into the White Isle’s decorated dance music history called Hi Ibiza.

With the closing of Space Ibiza in 2016, it leaves a strong legacy of what Ibiza is today and how music has shaped the scene on the White Isle. If you were lucky enough to have witnessed Space Ibiza in all its glory, you can gladly say you were part of clubbing history.

Sankeys Ibizaddd

Low ceilings, dark and desolate dance floors and pure intimate vibes, Sankeys Ibiza brings with it a no-frills attitude keeping all visuals to a bare minimum.

Located deep into the heart of the popular resort of Playa D’En Bossa and just short bus ride away from San Antonio, Sankeys Ibiza is not only at the top of many workers’ to do lists, but many tourists are also keen to tick this box off too.

Catering this underground safe haven to a younger target audience, owner David Vincent has helped establish Sankeys Ibiza as one of the most in-demand clubbing structures the island has to offer.
Since its inception back in 2011, the Sankeys Ibiza brand has gained the respect of the dance music nation through a selection of successful nights from over the years.

Only under the roof of Sankeys Ibiza were you able to witness and experience the raw electricity and energy provided by such explosive nights as VIVa Warriors, Tribal Sessions and CUFF. Of course, this can only mean explosive music follows. Traditionally in the form of house or techno, the illustrious likes of Steve Lawler, Darius Syrossian and Amine Edge & Dance have all established strong, loyal followings from their residencies here.

Delivering you a night of unique and unrivalled underground proportions, Sankeys Ibiza applies the exact same criteria to all three of its rooms. Holding a maximum capacity of 1,500 revellers, this sacred White Isle spectacular was constructed specifically to provide a similar atmosphere to the original that once existed back in Manchester.

Consisting of no more than three rooms, there’s no better way to name them than the Spektrum – this includes a massive open air terrace, smoking area, eccentric LED lighting and an extraordinary box. You then have the Lab which allows you to feel the beats of the music dropped through your feet on the floor and finally, the Basement – possessing one of the most immense VOID sound systems around and of course you can’t forget that underground energy to complete the perfect vibe.

A favourite amongst the locals, the workers and tourists – Sankeys Ibiza is hands down one of the most sought-after underground experiences available in the party capital today.

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