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Workers: Finding accommodation

With just over a month to go now until season workers start descending upon the White Isle in search of the summer of a lifetime to create memories that will last forever, this is usually the point in time where Ibiza season virgins start getting these first season tingles and the nerves start to settle in.

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Questions begin to constantly flow through their minds – Have I got enough money to last me? Can I land myself a job that will pay well? Will I get on with the people I’m sharing accommodation with? Is the location of my accommodation what I am looking for? Have I got enough short shorts without going over the weight allowance in my luggage?

All of these are serious matters! Okay, maybe not the short shorts dilemma but you don’t exactly want to run out of shorts half way through the season and wind up walking around in your underwear. One subject that every worker is keen on sorting out currently though is finding the perfect accommodation. Whilst many may have booked their digs in advance, many are in a situation of flying out in the next few weeks and if they don’t act fast, they could be kipping on some of San Antonio’s finest benches.

Here are our tips to finding the perfect worker’s accommodation this summer.

Seeking the right location


A major contributor to find the perfect accommodation is firstly attaining the perfect location. With several apartments available in both San Antonio and Playa D’En Bossa (the two most popular workers resorts) then you aren’t exactly stuck for choice.

San Antonio offers a wild and crazy nightlife filled mostly with British tourists with just two super-clubs, however it makes up for this with the madness of the West End and some wonderful beaches and restaurants. If you don’t mind living right next to the West End and are the life and soul of the party, then this the place for you as the action is right on your door-step. If you are aiming to get sleep though, San Antonio does have some apartments away from the busy nightspots around the area situated near the Sunset Strip or by the Promenade.

If you’re looking for a more international atmosphere with the world’s biggest super-clubs just a five minute walk down the road, then look no further than Playa D’En Bossa. Generally offering quite modernised apartments with the perfect view of Bora Bora Beach, such perks means you avoid the hassle of rushing to San Antonio bus station just in order to get to your favourite club before they stop letting people in, if you do collapse on the beach, your apartment is within walking distance and you get to meet people from all around the world. Expect very little sleep though.

Looking for the party atmosphere?


If you are an all out party individual who stays up till the early hours of the following morning still trying to figure out how to moonwalk drunkenly across your landing because you couldn’t master it in last night’s antics, then you require a worker’s block. It will be filled with similar people who have come to the island to have the time of their lives and not even a bit of shut eye will prevent them from doing so – but remember, you will find it quite difficult to sleep.

A peaceful solution


If you’re looking for something a little more quiet, a residential block is right up your street. With residents living their normal day-to-day lives in this block, you will get peace and quiet when midnight strikes. This allows you to enjoy the best of both lives as you can go round friend’s accommodations to pre-party and make as much noise as you wish and when you return home, you can sleep until whenever you please knowing the loudest noise you’ll probably hear all night (depending on where you are located) will probably be a drip of water from the tap. You won’t be allowed to create much noise late at night though due to your fellow residents.

Why not splash the cash?


If you have a bit of money to splash and are feeling adventurous, why not go all out on a villa? Therefore you get such perks as your own pool, you get to host your own villa parties and you establish a family-like bond with your house-mates as many villas are situated a good ten or fifteen minute walk away from all the action therefore you will spend most of your days with those house-mates.

Social Media Groups


Since we’re not living in the dinosaur age anymore, we can take advantage of such privileges in life as the Internet. From your computer screen at work to your phone in the very palm of your hand, you can scroll through several social media groups specifically aimed towards Ibiza workers which are jam packed full of workers advertising not only jobs, tickets for parties and countdowns until they arrive on the White Isle, they also submit posts with available accommodations. These detail how much they cost, how long the contracts are and where they are located. Plus if you’re still not sure about anything, you can always post a question in the group and more than likely, most people will be happy to answer your enquiry.

Use trusted sources

When booking accommodation for the summer, many Ibiza season virgins have fell victim to people who falsely advertise apartments. In this day and age, many workers are required to put down a deposit to secure their accommodations for the upcoming season. They then pay the rest upon arrival.

However, some haven’t had the opportunity to pay the rest upon arrival as some people take their deposit and simply hightail with no reply. These are the things you have to be aware of when booking your digs for the summer as trust is a major thing in these types of situations.

Very well-known trusted sources guaranteed to accommodate you as much as they can every summer include the likes of Sally Ibiza Accommodation and Ibiza Workers Accom – you can find them both on Facebook.


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