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Workers: Landing a job

May is now almost upon us and with workers beginning to flock over for the start of their summer dream season in Ibiza, the excitement is beginning to build, the adrenaline is starting to pump and soon so will many fists in the air as the opening parties approach.

However, accompanying all this excitement and adrenaline is a list of things workers need to tick off in order to prepare for the perfect season. Such faculties may including getting the perfect accommodation, how much money should be taken, where are the best resorts to find work, how to land and maintain a job, sorting phones and bank accounts out and so forth.

Many people when they land will immediately kick into holiday-mode. As soon as they arrive, they won’t even think of unpacking their suitcase and all you’ll have to do is look out the window and you’ll discover them topping up their number one priority, their tan, before moving onto other “essentials” in their eyes such as pre-drinks from the local supermarket and then waking up either face-planting the floor, star-fishing their bed fully-clothed and that’s if their lucky enough to make it home.

If you wish to have a long summer on the island fun-filled with lifelong memories, then you’re going to need to get your backside out of bed – hungover or not, and start dishing them CV’s out otherwise you could find yourself on the next flight back home and nobody wants that.

Here is our guide to landing yourself a job in Ibiza this summer.

Getting an NIE Number


This is crucial to landing work in Ibiza. Without this, you will be working illegally. That being said, even though many employers say you need to have one of these, it’s not exactly impossible to locate a job without one.

In order to land an NIE Number, you will need to journey on down to the police station in Ibiza Town. Open from 7am until 2pm, it’s advised you get their early to avoid queues. The earlier you do this, the less waiting around you will have to do in the season for work. You will require your passport and will have to fill out some forms there (all are in Spanish). You will then need to await a further appointment.

Then all for the price of €12, you will need to go to your local bank branch and get your form stamped. Upon returning to the police station for your second appointment, you must bring along your passport again as well as your forms. You will then need to visit the station again with your passport where you can then collect your NIE Card. Whilst this may be a long-winded process, it’s definitely worth the wait otherwise you could find yourself skint, jobless or even worse, back home!

Writing up a CV


Your curriculum vitae. This inclusion as part of any job application is completely necessary and without one, you may find it difficult to land work on the island. This may be a pain in the backside to write up but when it’s done, it’s another thing you can tick off of your checklist.

Apart from the obvious (name, address, contact number), it’s always helpful to write a little description about yourself. Detail your interests, your hobbies and more as this gives your employer a bit more information about you and better idea of what kind of person you are and what you can bring to the table.

It’s also crucial to include your previous job experiences. It will show you won’t need much training, you will have had time in the job before so you know the kind of things to expect and will be pretty much ready to start tomorrow. Experience goes a long way in Ibiza and a bar would much prefer somebody who knows how to pour a pint as opposed to someone who will overflow the beer jug.

It’s also helpful to include a picture of yourself on it, therefore your employer will recognise you when you come back – so turn them frowns upside down and get typing!

Recruitment days


Usually either at an Internet cafe or The Ship Inn (located at the very top of the West End), employers will stick up notices detailing job advertisements for recruitment days. Whilst many have already started recruiting before the start of the season online or through word of mouth, the big recruiting days happen on the island.

The recruitment day notices will detail a date, a time and a place. If you want a job, you need to be there! You will need to bring you CV, your NIE number, your contact number and a whole lot of confidence as you will want to impress any potential employers to land a job.

Some may be held at bars, others may be held on their actual premises whilst many are held down at The Ship Inn. Recruitment days are a good opportunity to get to know and meet people and help further your experience on the White Isle.

Finding a job that suits you


This is absolutely key if you want to work in Ibiza but still have a blast. Nobody likes rolling up to their 9-5 jobs at home and being stuck in an office all day but this doesn’t mean going around in the sun selling tickets all day is any more fun – you need confidence for this job and without it, you will end up with no sales and in effect, no money as many are commission based only.

You need to enjoy the job you do otherwise you may as well have stayed at home and earned more money. If you are a girl coming out for the summer season, the job opportunities are endless. A big money-maker tends to be the role of a shot-girl. By purchasing a bottle of spirit, you easily break-even on an average night and if you’re having a good night, you tend to make a lot of profit. If you enjoy dancing, there are many dancing jobs available on the island from performing in super-clubs to dancing on the West End. You can also be apart of a parade for a particular night, this involves you parading around the island promoting whatever night you are working for in a themed attire. Waitressing is also another very well paid job but requires full-time working hours during the peak season.

For lads, many have a lot of confidence. If they didn’t, I doubt they would be doing an entire season in Ibiza. Therefore ticket selling is perfect (however it is illegal) If you have the confidence, you will make the sales and when you make the sales, the money starts rolling in. A PR job also pays well on the West End if you have the confidence to go with it (make sure it is contracted work though, if not then it may be illegal). Bar work is another popular trade amongst guys and you will need to be very skilled behind the bar, especially in super-clubs and on the West End as the drink orders come quick and fast.

Ensuring a regular income


Another vital attribute to landing yourself the right job is ensuring that there is a regular income. If you start coming home with little to no money on a regular basis, you will end up going home – back to where you came from, as you will run out before the peak season even arrives, let alone the end of the season.

A safe job which provides a regular income has always been either bar work or waitressing. You receive a monthly wage with a decent amount of money per pay day. Plus if you’re really good, you will no doubt get tips too! Another well-paid job is a masseuse. If you can give a good massage and you’re getting paid for it, you’re laughing. Many customers leave you a tip and some are larger than others.

Some jobs are hit-and-miss when it comes to a solid income. You can have your good days and you can have your bad days in terms of reeling it in. During the quiet parts of the season like around May time and October time, you shouldn’t expect much as there isn’t many tourists about. Jobs like shot-girls, ticket-selling and PR’ing can leave you going home with as much as breadcrumbs in your back pocket and enough to afford some noodles for dinner.

On the other hand, jobs like shot-girls, ticket-selling and PR’ing can leave you smiling during the peak season because when it’s busy, it’s virtually impossible to have a bad night. You will receive a larger wage and you will be able to treat yourself at restaurants on a regular basis.


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