Working in Ibiza 2017 - Tips, Tricks & Getting Work & Accommodation

Working in Ibiza

Working a season abroad for many is a right-of-passage. 5 months or more in Ibiza is a dream to many and thousands descend upon the island each April / May with a plan to live the dream and work in Ibiza for the summer.

This article is supposed to give you all of the information you need to start a successful season in Ibiza. We’re always on the look-out to expand it so if you have any more information, hints, tips or more please get in touch.

When’s the best time to come?

The main clubbing season runs from the end of May until the start of October. But it’s advisable to arrive before that to secure a job, get settled in and get into the swing of everything before the madness starts. We’d recommend getting out there as early as the end of April / start of May to give yourself the best opportunity to secure a job.

Recruitment days are held in May and are a great place to get work and also meet people. The Fish Ibiza are holding a recruitment day and workers BBQ & Pool Party – keep an eye on their Facebook for a date. If you do arrive in the island early, expect to be able to survive off your savings for a few weeks before earning any decent money – as there aren’t many tourists – mostly workers around at this point.

Workers usually start leaving around the end of September when the season dies down, but many stick it out until the closing parties for one last party of the summer before returning home. After the first week of October many things close and the atmosphere on the island is very different. Nice, but different.

How much to take with you?

As much as you can afford. The first few weeks of the season are quiet and there’s not a lot of opportunity to earn money, so you must be able to survive on your savings. You also need to pay for the first month and deposit for your apartment – which if you’re sharing will only be about €600 (€300 + €300). What you must not do is spend all your money within the first few days and be home two weeks later regretting it all!

What’s the best resorts to work in?

The three biggest workers areas are San Antonio, Playa D’en Bossa and Ibiza Town in that order. You can find work anywhere in Ibiza but those three are set up much more for seasonal work, with San Antonio winning hands down.

There’s a big workers culture in San Antonio which creates a community of mainly British workers. There’s also a much bigger selection of work and accommodation and a good tourist base to sell / PR to.

Playa D’en Bossa is closely following, it doesn’t have the same worker community and has a much more international vibe. Working in Playa D’en Bossa can be easier and harder depending on the way you look at it. There’s less competition from other workers but there’s also less work. For an Ibiza workers virgin – I’d pick San Antonio.

Ibiza Town has a good few bars and clubs which are looking for seasonal workers, again this is a much more international and even sophisticated area and as such appeals to a different group of people.

Finding accommodation in Ibiza

How to find accommodation.

Check out our handy guide for workers: finding accommodation in Ibiza!

If you’re organised you will have booked your apartment before arriving in Ibiza. There are many estate agencies in Ibiza, some even specialise in workers or seasonal apartments.

However, it’s not necessary and often easier to arrange one when you arrive in Ibiza. If you book a week in a hotel or hostel with the intention of finding somewhere to live after that week is over you’ll be onto a good thing. Many apartments are advertised on the wall of “The Fish Ibiza” which is perfectly located just 2 minutes from the top of the West End (Near Rita Apartments). This workers bar will always have the latest information and opportunities for workers.

Another way of finding accommodation is simply by talking and asking around, many workers have spaces to fill in their apartments or are still looking for accommodation – you’ll be able to find somewhere affordable easily if there’s a few of you looking!

To rent an apartment you will need to pay the first month’s rent and a further month as a deposit. You will sign a lease for a set amount of time (usually 4-6 months). Don’t worry though – many people come and go through the summer so if you happen to loose a room mate you can find one quickly in Ibiza.

Don’t expect luxury. You’ll be sharing with a few other people and there’ll no doubt be parties into the early hours – most days. But that’s what you’re in Ibiza for. And besides, less luxury means less to break and less to loose your deposit on.

There are a few workers blocks in Ibiza:
Kanya Beach Workers Apartments
Azul Apartments (Near Cafe Mambo)
Es Vedra (Down the road from Linekers)

Useful links for Accommodation:

My Ibiza Workers (Accommodation requests often pop up)
Ibiza Property Shop

How to find a Job in Ibiza

How to find a job.

Check out our handy guide for workers: landing a job!

There’s plenty of work in Ibiza, and it can be extremely varied. The most common type of work is bar work, being a PR for bars / clubs, ticket selling and being a rep. Most jobs are advertised around various bars in May, but there’s a really good “Job Board” at the The Fish Ibiza in San Antonio to keep an eye on.

You can also find more specialised roles, such as dancers, DJing and various managerial roles, although these are much harder to find and secure.

Let’s not sugar coat it, many workers can be paid very poorly for the hours that they work, and some jobs mean that you rely on commission to even make a wage. But that being said it’s an experience of a lifetime and working in Ibiza is a lot different to working in the UK.

The hours you work depend on your job, but expect 5-10 hour days, 5-6 days a week. For ticket selling jobs you can earn from €1-15 per ticket sold and bar work can get you €30-€60 a day. PR jobs usually offer a basic pay of around €25-35 a day and €1-€2 commission per person you get through the door. Most jobs include perks like free / discounted drinks and often incentivise club guest lists for the best employees.

Most employers are relaxed about drinking on the job (within reason) and as long as you’re confident, out-going, friendly and good looking you should find no issue with working in Ibiza.

Some work in Ibiza is illegal and should be avoided. By this I don’t mean the obvious drug-dealing – but un-contracted illegal PR work. To legally work in Ibiza you need a contract from your employer and an NIE number (more on this later). If your employer offers you neither, then chances are you’re working illegally and could be deported. The authorities often make an example at the start of the season and can arrest and search people thought to be selling tickets illegally.

Useful links for Work:
My Ibiza Workers (Work / Recruitment days often appear)

Holding onto a job.

Employers often have a number of people trying to score jobs from them every single day, so if you don’t pull your weight then you could easily be replaced by some one who’s more reliable and keen.

Avoid this by working hard, arriving on time and in a fit state to work and be friendly / presentable. Don’t give your boss a reason to get rid of you. I don’t mean to state the obvious but employers in Ibiza are much less loyal and will get rid of you if you’re not pulling your weight.

Drinking on the job is common on most types of seasonal work and acceptable, but try not to get too smashed early and struggle through the rest of your shift.

If the worst happens and you do loose your job, fear not – there’s still plenty more work in Ibiza if you’re prepared to work hard.

Working in Ibiza

Getting an NIE number

An NIE number is your right to work in Ibiza, without one you are working “illegally” – many employers require an NIE number but it doesn’t mean you can’t find work without one.

To get an NIE number you must go to the Police station in Eivissa / Ibiza town. They’re only open from 7am – 2pm for NIE applications and the earlier you get there the better. It’s also a lot more quieter early in the season so I recommend you make it a priority when you get to Ibiza. You must bring your Passport with you and you’ll be given an appointment for the next stage. You will be handed some forms to fill out – which are helpfully in Spanish, and they do not have English forms – nor will they translate it for you.

One of the forms needs to be approved by a bank in Ibiza, take that to your local branch with €12 and they will stamp it for you, the other part of the application is for your details. Get both of these sorted and go to the Police Station for your appointment with your Passport. You will then be able to pick your NIE card up later in the week (bring your Passport again).

If you don’t want to go through all of this hassle, the Fish Ibiza can help. By using their solicitor it may cost a little bit more, but you can apply for it before heading to Ibiza or even avoid all the agro when you’re in Ibiza. Would you rather be queuing at the police station or chilling on the beach? Yea. We thought so!

And that’s it – there are several services which you can use to do this for you but on the most part it’s a waste of money and getting an NIE is part of the experience of becoming an Ibiza worker. Also make sure you look after your NIE, don’t give it to your employers – they don’t need it – just the number.

Mobile Phones

It’s advisable to grab a Spanish sim card and a cheap phone as soon as you get to Ibiza. We’d recommend a Masmovil sim card from the Ibiza Property Shop near Cafe Mambo. From experience they have the cheapest tariffs and can even offer automatic top-up options which debit your bank account to top up your mobile – ensuring you’re never stuck in the middle of nowhere without credit.

Bank Accounts

It can be useful to open up a bank account to keep your money safe, although not always necessary. We recommend opening up a La Caixa “Non-residents” account which cost €30 and can be opened with a passport and proof of address (for example; your lease). Other banks require contracts of employment and utility bills which can be difficult to collate when you first get out there.

Top Tips

  • Don’t hesitate to ask people for Guest list – you’re there for one season so try and get as many free tickets as possible!
  • Don’t spend a fortune on Food – Eroski and Lidl in San Antonio are the cheapest supermarkets (€4 for a litre of vodka…)
  • Try to pace yourself in the first few weeks. You’re there for the whole summer, don’t ruin it by spending all your money and being home two weeks into the season.
  • Join Workers groups on Facebook for Workers deals, taxis, guest lists and more!
  • The Fish Ibiza in San Antonio is a great workers bar – cheap drinks and a wall full of accommodation / jobs. The staff are also very helpful.
  • Network. It’s not what you know in Ibiza it’s who you know – you may end up scoring a cracking job from just chatting to someone.

And one last piece of advise, just get out there and live your life to the full. It’s an amazing experience with the best people in the world and you will not regret it. If you’re still unsure of doing a season in Ibiza then we really recommend you do it – you will only regret it if you don’t!

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